Archive:Summer 2005 real life developer meeting

Meeting delayed due to too few people coming (just Hammerbear, Modanung and Irukard by last count). Any suggestions on a new date?

The meeting

This page is meant to help in the organization of this summer's real life TMW developer meeting. The meeting will be held in Europe, as that's where most of the developers currently are from. Of course people from other continents are welcome too, or are welcome to organize something on their continent! Some details are below, which we hope to clarify as time progresses.

  • When: From 11th (arrival day) to 15th (departure day) of August
  • Where: The Netherlands, at Bjørn's parents (nearest train station: Groningen CS, airports: Amsterdam/Schiphol, Rotterdam and Eindhoven)
  • Who: All TMW developers are welcome! (please put your name below if you plan to come)
  • Why: To get to know each other better and plan ahead on TMW a bit, it's teambuilding.

To the people who are coming: please start making reservations for your trip, you can update this page with details on when you expect to arrive.

The audience

Name Location Available
Bjørn Lindeijer The Netherlands (Groningen) 23rd of July to 3rd of August, and 9th to 22nd of August
ElvenProgrammer Italy Probably after 15th of August (not yet known though)
Maci Germany Whenever (i'll have saved up enough money)
Rotonen Finland Until September.
Modanung The Netherlands 23rd of July to 18th of August and 22nd of August to 5th of September
Irukard Poland Whenever
Ferreira Yohann Middle-West of France (Pontarlier) August's Week-ends, from the 5th to the 19th of September.

Dates to work around

Here you can add dates you find the meeting should not be planned on.

  • Wikimania 2005 - 1th to 9th of August (Bjørn already bought his ticket)
  • Lowlands 2005 - 19th to 21st of August (Modanung already bought his ticket)
  • Hidecon 2005 - somewhere in October (Irukard is org. of that CON)
  • Greece - 29th of July to 5th of August (ElvenProgrammer already bought his ticket)
  • Rotonen moving into a new apartment - 20th of August, cannot really go after this.


The below is just a quick writeup by Hammerbear, which is probably too much geared towards project planning. Feel free to add ideas of your own!

Day 1

Handshaking, getting ready for next three days. Everybody probably has loads of stuff to discuss with the others are this is where it all starts.

Day 2

Among making sure we survive to the 3rd day, this day we could organize an event where we focus on giving more focus to as many aspects of TMW as possible. Aspects to discuss should be determined beforehand, and this event will probably require a lot of pens and paper.

We'll probably do something hilarious too.

Day 3

The theme of the day will be persistance. It is important not to lose the focus established by now and to write down as much as possible about conclusions taken and future visions discussed. The documents written should be one of useful products of this meeting.

With goodbye getting closer, I guess it's time to have fun while it lasts, and drink more beer than we did on the first two days.

Day 4

We'll tell eachother the meeting was great, and that we should surely have another soon, maybe as soon as the next summer.

Other activities include packing bags, goodbyes, departure, tears...


Probably the meeting should be planned as a way to know each other and have fun toghether more than a way to plan further on TMW. --ElvenProgrammer

I somewhat agree, but I think apart from getting to know eachother, which happens automatically I think, we really should try to discuss some important points about TMW's future. --Bjørn 08:20, 7 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Maybe the meeting could take place at my parents? They live outside the city and would have plenty of space to sleep and build a fire, about 60 km from German border. At least it would save us having to pay for a place in Germany, cause at the moment it seems there is nobody in Germany where we could have the meeting at. --Bjørn 08:20, 7 Jul 2005 (PDT)

This is now the preferred location, the meeting is getting close. --Bjørn 12:45, 9 Jul 2005 (CEST)
Are they any airports near that location? Or I have to travel by train? --Irukard 17:35, 11 Jul 2005 (CEST)
The closest airports you could go to are probably Eindhoven and Amsterdam, it is 3 hours by train from there (40 euro for return ticket). --Bjørn 21:17, 11 Jul 2005 (CEST)