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You can press N' to select NPC near to you and T to start dialog '

Note: There is an extra page about Shop NPCs you might want to check. Also, for a more complete list of NPCs, you may wish to check NPCs (all). List of NPC: Map 000-0 Sailors

Map 000-2-1 Magic Arpan Chest La Johanne Peter Dan Devis Alige Chef Gado

Map 000-1 Darlin Silvio Fexil Bag Gugli Lean Maxe Sapartan Tibbo Gulukan Q'Muller Astapolos Tarlan Jalad Ale Couwan Drasil Island Chest Muller

Map 000-2-0 Billy bons Julia

Map 000-2-3 Elmo Nard Nard Box

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  • If quest it's not Redoable say: No only once thanks :D

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