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Gender Male
Race Skeleton
Location Unknown
EventEvent:Halloween 2010, Event:Halloween 2016, Event:Halloween 2021

Gak is a mysterious person, whose details of his life were revealed in the item description of the Halloween 2010 events.

His real name is Gorrik, and he was born in Tulimshar.

He escaped to South Argaes, where he died.

Years ago, he woke up as an undead in a clearing in South Argaes, near his former house.

He still roams the world. It is not known at the present time how he got broken when the player first met them (during both Halloween Events), nor the reasons why he revived.

You can read his full history in the spoiler box below. The history was available during the event; You needed to ask Gak for information about all items he was parting with and connect them.

Spoiler warning: This section contains details that some people may not wish to learn. If this applies to you, take caution while reading this section (if you choose to read it at all).

Gak is natural of Tulimshar, Tonori Region.

Gak used to be a member of the Bells Society, a secret organization in Tulimshar trying to kill the King, Efeniunkanduiti Khan. He was an acculturate member, who went to Operas and had access to important people.

There, he watched an opera about a princess which was kidnapped by a dragon under the sea and was found by chance by a pirate. He then bought an Opera Mask for a secret mission he had to do, which was signed by the lead actor.

Meanwhile. He was friend of Fawkes, a man who was pretty excitable but was not so smiley as his Mask suggest. Fawkes died in an explosion on the Palace which failed to kill the king.

Not very after Fawkes' death, the King hired a Jester. However, the first prince, Akhendo-Al, did not like it, because the Jester Mask made difficult to see the real expression on the face of the jester.

Eventually the King was assassinated by a knife in his heart. Akhendo-Al noticed the Jester was missing and went after him, cornering the Jester in the Palace's Bell Tower. However, the Jester did not try to run away.

It was revealed the Jester was Gorrik, captain of the Palace Guard (and implied that Gak was this jester).

Gorrik assured he that he did not kill the king, but Akhendo-Al did not believe, and sentenced Gorrik to death.

However, Gorrik escaped. Renaming himself to Gak and using the Scissors, he used the Landbridge to escape to Argaes South.

Right after arriving in South Argaes, he was surprised with the number of trees around. He quickly got lost in the wilderness, and was looking for food. Until he found a small cottage. But the cottage was made of sweets! He quickly started then eating the wall, to sate his hunger. Suddenly, the door opened, and Alissa, a witch, showed up.

Gak tried to run, but failed. She immediately started lecturing him about how much effort it was to keep the house well-maintained - Having to cook the sweets, replace them, kill vermin, and oh dear, what if it rained. Gak felt ashamed of himself.

He then started living with Alissa and working for her, to repay for what he ate. During this time, he visited Turnap, the closest human settlement, to buy supplies. Goblin attacks were very common on the area at that time, but Turnap citizens devised a way to avoid it - The Goblin Mask. He gained a mask to protect himself as well.

One night, a goblin tribe attacked Turnap. They believed them to be an invading tribe, and Turnap was decimated. Not long after, the Goblins attacked the small cottage as well. Gak died on that attack, trying to protect Alissa.

Several years afterwards, he woke up as a Skeleton, for still unexplained reasons. The scenary was different, but he eventually found a trapdoor leading into a cellar - the remains of their house.

After leaving the cellar, the found the Pointy Witch Hat which once belonged to Alissa. Gak offers to give the player the hat - after so much time passed since he picked up the hat, let alone the time after his death, he decided it was time to let it go.

And this is all... For now.


   - The mask was only available in Halloween 2016

Item stories

Each item had a story to themselves. The following item, however, is still disconnected from the lore.

Spoiler warning: This section contains details that some people may not wish to learn. If this applies to you, take caution while reading this section (if you choose to read it at all).

Mask of Blinking Evil: A mask made of Zealite. A mage carved out a part of the Soul Menhirs in hope to make a mask which made their eyes pink. The mage however ended up crossing with Gak and their well-being is unknown. (They might even have been turned undead!)

Shock Candy: It is shocky!

Bone Arrow: Made from the extra bones which adventurers gave him.