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Blanc's Trial
Start date July 8th
End date July 31st
Reoccuring No

Blanc is a NPC native from Moubootaur Legends, a contrabandist, and was a criminal who raided The Mana World Classic during Event:Red Corsair Day 2022. He was trialed in 2023 for his crimes against manakind.

The event got a Forum entry.

Blanc's Trial: Judgment

Blanc was caught by Game Master team on July 8th. After appealing the sentence, The Mana World Team has approved a Council Trial, which happened on July 26th. A footage can be found on YouTube.

After the jury agreed and the judge declared Blanc as guilty, Blanc murdered the bailiff and escaped via a magic portal in the form of a Tree ─ the portal was a Mirror Lake and he was brought to The Crossroads world.

After that, The Mana World Team declared a manhunt ─ all players were summoned to hunt him down in the inter-server.

Blanc's Trial: Showdown

Players would take the 08:00 portal (first one after entering the gift house), which would warp them to the Dark Forest. Players would need to unlock Dracula's Castle by collecting keys from one of the four randomly pre-generated mazes.

Each maze would have five Pirate Marley holding keys, and defeating three of them was required. The mazes difficulty varied, and players couldn't go to mazes intended for half their current level.

The fight with Blanc would happen in Crazyfefe's Shrine, which has ten platforms. Blanc would have 750,000 HP (1,250,000 on hard mode). If left alone on the map, Blanc would regenerate 0.2% of his HP every 5 seconds (with game over being issued if his HP was ever refilled).

Every time Blanc lost 10% of his HP, he would teleport to another platform. Each platform had two warps, and their destination was unique for each player.

Blanc Skills

Every 60 seconds, Blanc would summon reinforcements (Thugs, Grenadiers and Swashbucklers, up to 10 depending on how many players and HP were left).

Every 30 seconds, Blanc would attack the MVP with an AoE magic wind (lightning) attack.

Every 60 seconds, Blanc would inflict a random status ailment on a random target ─ either Curse, or Blind + Silence. If he was severely wounded, then Blanc would also cause Bleeding.

Every 60 seconds, Blanc would bombard 2~4 positions on the platform he was at, causing 450 fixed damage to anyone caught in the blast.

Every 60 seconds, Blanc would use aa small AOE which would also force everyone to sit and, randomly, inflict either poison, bleeding, silence or blind. If Blanc was severely hurt, poison was replaced with deadly poison.

Every 3 minutes, Blanc would use his most powerful attack. Depending on how hurt he was, it could be Electric Needles, Voracious Thunder Storm or Rage of Hungry Thunder. They could inflict debuffs, and their damage was made in three AoE waves of magic damage of different elements ─ first wave of Fire, second wave of Holy, and third wave of Wind. All waves had similar damage, but their range was different, with Wind magic being able to hit adjacent platforms.

Blanc would always use one skill every 5 seconds in a rotation.


Rewards were given on both The Mana World Classic, Moubootaur Legends and TMW rEvolt.

The reward was given immediately thanks to the Mirror Lake inter-server communication protocol: No GM intervention or tallying was required.


After Blanc was suppressed, his shipwreck was (?) cleaned from Tonori shores.