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Red Corsair Day 2022
Start date 30th Apr 2022
End date 30th Apr 2022
Reoccuring No

"Red Corsair Day 2022" was the Crew of Red Corsair guild's 12th anniversary celebration and also provided the setting for the Mirror Lake introduction.

The Event

CRC Captain Red Corsair, retired and living well on his own private island, was invited to attend CRC’s 12th anniversary celebration in Hurnscald, but was unable to go. Instead, he sent his emissary, Cerise, to bring gifts to the participants.

In addition, Red Corsair had in his possession certain maps showing the secret locations of the Mirror Lakes in The Mana World. Mirror Lakes are magic portals that transport people (and sometimes objects) between worlds. These maps are very valuable and must never get into the wrong hands. Red Corsair wanted the maps to be given to the current leaders of CRC. He entrusted Cerise to deliver the maps.

Meanwhile, the evil pirate, Blanc, learned of the plan to deliver the maps to CRC. He was desperate to keep the maps away from CRC and get them for himself. Blanc knew the location of at least one Mirror Lake on his home world that would bring him to an area in the Clear Sea to the southeast of Hurnscald. He had used it in the past to his own great advantage. Blanc decided to travel through the Mirror Lake with his ship and go to Hurnscald in order to take the maps, by force if necessary. To help him, he brought powerful, ugly creatures.

CRC Captain Rill had been informed that Cerise would be coming to the celebration and bringing gifts from Red Corsair, but knew nothing of the maps or Mirror Lakes or Blanc. After finishing the Flower Power portion of the day’s proceedings, Rill urged participants to follow her to meet Cerise at the dock.

When the ship docked, it was not Cerise who disembarked, but Blanc. Blanc greeted everyone and then demanded the maps. (Blanc did not know that he had arrived at Hurnscald before Cerise.) Since Rill had not yet learned about the maps, she was totally confused by Blanc’s words and told him so. Blanc repeated his demands, growing ever more furious. Rill again said that she did not know what he was talking about, and neither did anyone else there. Finally Blanc flew into a rage. He stated that since they would not give him the maps, he would occupy Hurnscald. Then he ordered the creatures to attack.

The mobs were very strong. Unable to withstand the assault, Rill instructed participants to run up to the safety of the Mining Camp house. Some did not make it and were trapped inside buildings in Hurnscald. Rill asked for volunteers to go back and help escort them to the Mining Camp. The Doctor and Constable Bob also helped.

Once all were inside the Mining Camp house, they began to discuss the matter. Rill did not know what had happened to Cerise, but said she saw another ship approaching the little cove east of the entrance to the Obelisk Cave. She thought Cerise might be on that ship, so she asked everyone to follow her there.

When they got to the cove, the ship was there and Cerise disembarked. Cerise said she was sent by Red Corsair and had gifts for everyone, to be given out later. She also brought the maps. Cerise explained about the Mirror Lakes and the contents of the maps, and their value, and how they must be kept safe at all costs. Then Rill told about the attack by Blanc, and that he was after the maps. Cerise was very concerned by the news of Blanc’s appearance and explained what she knew of Blanc.

Then Blanc and the creatures caught up to the group, who were now trapped at the cove. Cerise used magic to provide everyone with an escape route (in the form of an IM prompt) which brought them to Nivalis.

After arriving at Nivalis, the group started discussing what to do next. Suddenly, the old troublemaker Zax De'kagen appeared. But this time Zax offered to help. He said that he knew of a way to close the Mirror Lake portal in the Clear Sea so Blanc would be unable to use it to bring more attack ships or as an escape route. Cerise advised everyone to accept the offer, to which all agreed. Zax closed the Mirror Lake portal, announced he had done so, and then departed.

The next matter was how to rid TMW of Blanc and his mobs. It seemed the only way was to go on the offensive. So starting off from Nivalis, the participants made their way to the ferry, killing mobs that got in their path. Once back in Hurnscald, they continued attacking Blanc’s mobs until all were destroyed.

Now alone and trapped in Hurnscald, Blanc tried to outrun the crowd. But he was eventually struck down by CRC crew member Wellvin. As a reward for his efforts, Wellvin was presented with Blanc's hat, the coveted Corsair Hat.

To conclude the day’s activities, there was picture taking and the distribution of Red Corsair’s gifts to the event participants: Dragon Shields, brought from another server world by using the Mirror Lake. Red Corsair’s only request was that those wishing to receive a gift should be wearing something red.


Originally, Blanc was called "Dave Sugar", as a reference to one of the biggest player guilds, Holy Mana Clan.

Cerise was also named "Red Reidy" in the original drafts.