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Christmas 2021
Start date 12 December 2021
End date 26 December 2021
Reoccuring No

Christmas 2021 was the counter-part for Event:Valentine Day 2020, but this time, hosted by The Mana World Team, also in a dedicated server.

This special server would be TMW Evolved, and would have Jak1 serving on ML behalf and Jesusalva serving on TMW behalf.

Players would have all their TMW data ported, while ML players would get pre-fabricated characters upon request for the event.

Love Rejoined

This event would finish Gak's trilogy (Event:Halloween 2010 and Event:Halloween 2016) and also prepare for Nivalis Expansion (The Sages of Kaizei).

The History

Christmas 2021: Love Rejoined


After Halloween, Gak was feeling very depressed. Santa, one of the Kaizei Sages, noticing one of the many leftover anomalies the Doomsday caused, decided maybe he could help Gak to have a happy Christmas. If only Santa had some adventurers to help...
Santa.png Santa brought players to the æthyr of The Mana World (the earliest introduction to Mirror Lakes) ─ the frontier of existence in TMW, whatever passes it ceases to exist permanently. Players were tasked to find something to cheer Gak up.
Grinchboo.png After solving several puzzles, they would be able to find Alissa, who could then reunite with Gak and live happily ever after. Players could visit Gak's residence, a small fortress built where the candy house used to be.

What really happened

Spoiler warning: This section contains details that some people may not wish to learn. If this applies to you, take caution while reading this section (if you choose to read it at all).

The æethyr is the limit between what exists and what doesn't. Whatever is there, still exists, and can be brought back. Even if at some point it ceased to be.

Santa doesn't know how it works, and suspects only a Great Dragon or an Ether Spirit could truly know. Reality is complex at best.

Also, æther is technically bound to fundamental particles and above the rules of magic or nature. Any being capable of controlling æther would likely have power to bend and control reality at their whim, and even to redefine the world.

Players would then venture to Northern Lights Dungeon, where there was a lot of puzzles (and bugs, which proves that the æther theory is right!), to find whatever was brought back from existence related to Gak's past.

Upon there, they would arrive at remains of the glade when it was still a forest and Gorrik lived there with Alissa. They would find remains of Gorrik's past ─ how Fawkes truly died, what he found out about the coup d'etat, how he was framed, his plan to change name to Gak and how he used the now inexistent landbridge from Tonori to Argaes. Also how they met Alissa, how the goblins destroyed Turnip (also known as Asphodel Moors in the current Rewrite), reports to Hurnscald about the attack and why the Goblin Mask did not help them, how Gak died, and that Alissa body was not found.

It would also be hinted how the Rewrite erased Alissa from existence, and how due to Legacy:Doomsday events, Alissa came back to existence on the æthyr. After retelling to her the story, she would demand to be brought to Gak.

However, Gak had already left for his glade (it is Christmas, not Halloween, after all!). Players would look around Asphodel Moors and learn a way to visit his glade. Upon bringing Alissa to meet Gak there, a cutscene would play out (where Alissa scolds Gak), and they live happily thereafter.


All Rewards from Christmas and Halloween were featured.



The event was full of bugs. The final bug duplicated a lot of rares, from which point onwards was decided that they'll lose the rare standing later in 2022.


Spoiler warning: This section contains details that some people may not wish to learn. If this applies to you, take caution while reading this section (if you choose to read it at all).

Remember some NPCs only react if you're close enough to them, or finished all the requeriments. The instance lasts 30 minutes, renewed every time you complete a puzzle.

  1. Talk to Santa Helper in Nivalis Square
    1. Accept the quest
    2. Go to where Santa is
  2. Talk to Santa in Aethyr town
    1. Remember to talk with Focus Master
    2. Remember to talk with TMW Evolved guide if you're not familiar with Evolved
    3. There's also bankers, stat resets, and others in the town
    4. Remember to absolutely touch the Menhir
    5. Once accept Santa's Quest, the other dialog options will no longer be shown.
  3. Head to the cave past Santa, behind the building with the Menhir.
  4. Complete the Candles Puzzle
    1. There are seven hints in total, follow the west corridor to find most of them
    2. The candles are in a room to the right, you need Thermal Napalm to interact with them.
    3. The strongest monster in this area of the map will drop Thermal Napalm.
  5. Complete the Seeds Puzzle
    1. Energy Balls in the left chamber drop Christmas Seeds
    2. Plant them with the "Plant" (or Use) button on inventory
    3. They must be planted in the room with a flag
    4. The leaf squares in the carpet provide the guide on where you must plant
    5. You don't need to plant in the square, it is enough to plant aligned to them.
  6. Complete the Ambush Puzzle
    1. The Three Truths are said in the same room with the lever (right chamber)
    2. The lever is in the Nutcracker O'Panel
    3. Trigger the switches told by the three truths (left chamber)
    4. Order of triggering doesn't matter
    5. The truths are from top-left corner to bottom-right
    6. Pull the lever on the Nutcracker to finish, you should hear a beep
    7. If the Nutcracker makes a click instead, you failed, try again
  7. Head into the boss chamber
    1. This is only permitted if you solved all three puzzles
  8. Break the Pentagram
    1. If this is NOT your first time, four difficulty settings will show up
    2. The lower an setting is, the strongest the boss
  9. Defeat the boss
  10. Find the NPC in the Forgotten Glade
    1. You'll need to restore the memories by showing items in a certain order
    2. The order does NOT reset, you can brute force it
    3. The books tell the lore and what each item means
    4. Santa has a hint regarding the order of items to show
    5. The hint is: Candies, Identity, Fake Identity, Coup'detat, Slaughter, Proof of the living.
    6. Show the NPC the items related to that
    7. Once the NPC follows you and vanish, leave the area
  11. Talk to Santa again
  12. Head to Asphodel Moors
  13. Talk to all NPCs outdoors
    1. The NPCs indoors won't tell you anything new
  14. Go find Kytty
    1. She is inside Gwen's house
    2. Pay attention to the name of the sysadmin she is looking for
  15. Head to the Graveyard
    1. The Gargoyle is the dragon-like statue near the developers' crypt
    2. You must be very close to it in order to interact with it
  16. Defeat the Three Guardian Snowman
    1. They are Alpha (nw corner), Beta (sw corner) and Gamma (se corner)
    2. Remember you have a 30 minutes time limit to defeat the three of them, time accordingly.
  17. Proceed though the gate. If it is shown, it'll be lifted as soon as you cross it.
  18. Talk to Gak
    1. If you try to talk to Gak without defeating the guardians, nothing will happen
  19. Enjoy the cutscene and the Carrot - You have finished the story.

  • You can now trade Christmas Tickets with Gak and Santa. The items acquired with these tickets WILL be ported.
  • GM Team will announce the details and restrictions regarding converting the carrot into prizes.
  • Items and money spent during the event won't be recorded; Feel free to sell your possessions to acquire reagents, potions and food.
  • The prizes will be given on Legacy and on Moubootaur Legends after event ends.