TMW Team

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Please refer to The Constitution for more imperative and up-to-date information about how TMW Team operates and who are their members.

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The Mana World Team members
Username(s) Titles Roles Location
4144 Senior Developer Client Development, Server Administrator -
Freeyorp Senior Developer Server Administrator, Leader Administrator -
WildX Developer Forum/Wiki Administrator, Community Manager, Treasurer, Lore Writing United Kingdom
Gumi (Mekolat, Meko) Developer Programming, Scripting, Mapping, Server Administrator Canada
Jesusalva Developer Scripting, Programming, Server Administrator Brazil
EJlol Developer Graphics Reviewer, Quality Control -
Micksha Developer Client Data Lead -
toams Developer Scripting -
Tezer Developer  ? -
monwarez Developer  ? -
Ledmitz Developer SFX Canada
Prsm Game Master GM Canada
Veryape Game Master GM, Server Administrator Sweden
Mas886 (Octer) Game Master GM Spain (Catalonia)
Chicka-Maria (Yubaba) Developer Facebook Canada

Forum group for current members of The Mana World Team.

The Forums contains much more up-to-date information than this wiki page.

Structure and Roles

  1. The purpose of the The Mana World Team (TMWT) is to make or delegate decisions regarding the running of The Mana World.


Advisors are former members of TMWT (or former TMWC or GHP), who maintain an advisor role to offer insight, advice and/or periodic assistance with game decisions and development. Advisors are not part of TMWT, but they often work closesly with the Team and are granted special access or privileges to help with the project when needed.

Adviser list
Username(s) Former Position Current roles
ElvenProgrammer Project Founder Adviser
Rotonen Developer Adviser
Bjørn Developer Adviser
Irukad Developer Adviser
Crush Developer, Forum Administrator Adviser
Jaxad0127 Developer, Server Administrator Adviser
Wombat Developer Adviser
Freeyorp101 Developer, Server Administrator Adviser, Server Administrator
MadCamel (Slicer) Developer, Server Administrator Adviser, Server Administrator
Tiana Game Master Adviser
Narus Game Master Adviser
Big Crunch Game Master Adviser
Alons Game Master Adviser
Silent Dawn Game Master Adviser
Jenalya Developer, Server Administrator Adviser
tux9th Developer Adviser
Cassy Developer, Forum Administrator, Wiki Admin Adviser
Alige Developer Pixel Art, Mapping, Scripting France
Chicka-Maria (Yubaba) Developer Music & SFX, Mapping Canada
Omatt Developer Scripting France
NitayandaGM Game Master GM Israel
MrGrey Game Master GM, Eye candy Canada
Reid Senior Developer Pixel Art, Scripting, Mapping, Concepts France
Wushin Senior Developer Server Administrator, Forum Admin, Wiki Admin, Programming, Pixel Art, Mapping, Scripting USA (Midwest)


This group includes all past and present conributors to the project. From testers to former Developers. People who help with the project casually are also listed here.

The list can be found at Dev:Contributors but may be incomplete. A more easily maintained and accurate list can be found at