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Many decisions of the TMWC require a consensus.

Typically, such a matter is first proposed by a single member in the relevant area. An exception is the way GMs are nominated.

Consensus requires:

  • The matter is open for discussion for sufficient time. All proposals must be discussed for at least 24 hours, but if at all possible, it should be at least 3 days even for uncontroversial matters.
  • TMWC members who are most affected must actually be present for the discussion.
  • The proposal must be discussed by at least 3 people (Not all are active nor will desire to participate in every decision).
  • If anyone disagrees with the matter, their points must be answered, even if it doesn't change the proposal.
  • If someone who disagrees does not submit that the proposal is against their objections, the proposal may still go forward as long as the number of people objecting is small.
  • If someone who disagrees does submit that the proposal is against their objections, the proposal will go into further discussion, the proposal will end without decision or the decision can be voted on, going with the majority vote.
  • Voting may only be called after all points have been answered and consensus could not be reached.

Unanimous decisions are most desired, which is like consensus, but with all active members in the decision coming to full agreement for the proposal, with no abstains or reservations on the decision.