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 Condensing and creating sanity in an otherwise mad, mad, world.


Moving Tutorial

Quest Log


Client Data


           <effect map="Map.tmx" npc="NpcIdServerDataUses" value="QuestValue(s)" effect="EffectId"/>
           <quest name="Name" group="GroupName" (in)complete="QuestValue">
               <text>Quest Info</text>

Working Example: Quest Log Client Data

Server Data

Quest ID: var id used by client

CommonVar: Used in getq & to set

ServerVar: Server Varaible value is stored

SHIFT: Posistion shifted. (SHIFT * MASK)

MASK: Size of shift to make. ((1 << MASK) - 1) << (SHIFT * MASK)

From world/map/conf/tmwa-map.conf -> quest_db: db/quest-log.txt:

   Quest ID,CommonVar,ServerVar,SHIFT,MASK

Working Example: Quest log Server Data


Working Example: Quest Log TMWA

Conversion / Creation

  • All Quest Log Vars will start with QL_ prefix
  • Check they are unique within the source


  • Quest isn't bitmasked
  • Quest is bitmasked
  • Quest is bitmasked but uses single bit shifts


  • Pick an open Bitmask on an existing var
  • Create VR var to shift into that var
  • set VR, int; Bit masking takes care of the rest