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Status of Project Crypt: Art is complete and most of its associated xml graphics and animations written. All xml files still to be submitted. Mapping will begin soon, followed by scripting.

This page is for compiling all release candidate (RC) art for the Crypt project. Other associated things, such as related xml animation pages and notes will also be included. Eventually, it is my hope that projects that are pending release will use these pages to track what is done for their project. Typically active projects with a project lead from beginning to end would keep up with what is going on. However, several projects have had a change in leadership or perhaps even lack leadership. Also with the passage of time, things are forgotten about and content may become scattered. Art that is incomplete may have a link to where it is being worked on, typically a trello card or forum topic.

List of New Monsters (New Monster Drops): Reaper (Dead Sword, Death's Hand), the Lost (Phylactery, Runestones), Psi-Brain (Astral Cube, Brainstem), Wraith (Wraith Urn, Wraithhorn, Dark Knight Helmet), Ghost (Crypt Key, Ectoplasm, Ghost Urn, Dark Pendant), Vampire Bat (Vampire Bat Wings, Vampire Bat Teeth, Bloodstone, Blood Pendant, Underlord Hat)

Other Monster Drops: Wraith: Ash, Ghost: Ash Psi-Brain: Astral Gem (Recolor of a Gemstone)

Monsters Created with Sprite Layering and/or Particle Effects: The Lost - Sprite Layering of Skeleton, Black Robe and Phylactery (Phylactery).

Other things that are on this list include the reaper's scythe, balls of lightning and other monsters that act as attack forms for the reaper.

List of Existing Monsters that may be used: Skeleton, Lady Skeleton, the Fallen, Bat, Fire Skull, Poison Skull, Poltergeist, Spectre, Wisp

Trello Card for New Crypt Art and Art Fixes

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