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Banshee Bow

Item ID: 878

A bow that has been enchanted by the dark powers of a witch.
CategoryTwo-Handed Weapon
Equip LevelLevel 90
Dexterity 80
Stats increaseDamage +90
Range +6
Attack Speed +20%
Walk Speed +10%
Stats decreaseMax HP -150
Defense -40%
VIT Defense -35%
Vanishes HP by 2% of damages dealt
Buy Price101,000 GP
Sell Price40,000 GP
Weight900 g


The best Legacy Bow in the Legacy:The Mana World.

The Legacy:Banshee Bow makes you incredibly fast, hit hard and give lots of critical hits.

It has two downsides though: Besides the 2% HP penalty you suffer from doing damage and since your attack is slightly faster (even more if you have speed skill) you can run out of arrows quite easily.

The Banshee Bow is the strongest but can also be the one of the most expensive weapon in game as you need to buy arrows and healing all the time.


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