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Basic Skills

Until October 2014 the Basic Skills were needed to build relationships between you and other players in game:

Emote ID - 1

Graphics-skills-basic-emote.png Emote Skill - Gave you the possibility of using emotes.

Trade ID - 2

Graphics-skills-basic-trade.png Trade Skill - Gave you the ability to trade with other players.

Party ID - 3

Graphics-skills-basic-party.png Party Skill - Gave you the possibility to enter or create a group with other players.

Note: You don't need to acquire those skills anymore. After the changes of October 2014 every character is able to use emotes, trade items or money and join or create parties right from the start.

Magic Skills

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Magic - Spells - Magic Quests - Magic Skills - Astral Soul Skill

Getting and progressing in Magic is the object of several specific Classic:Quests. Magic Skills are one thing needed to progress in magic.

Basic Magic ID - 340

Graphics-skills-magic-basic.png General Magic Skill - First form of magic which will give you the ability to learn other forms of magic.

Life Magic ID - 341

Graphics-skills-magic-life.png Life Magic Skill - Very useful if you intend to heal other players.

War Magic ID - 342

Graphics-skills-magic-war.png War Magic Skill - This will give you the possibility to cast some painful spells.

Transmutation Magic ID - 343

Graphics-skills-magic-transmutation.png Transmutation Magic Skill - This skill gives you the possibility to transmute some items in other items.

Nature Magic ID - 344

Graphics-skills-magic-nature.png Nature Magic Skill - You will learn to communicate with the nature using spells.

Astral Magic ID - 345

Graphics-skills-magic-astral.png Astral Magic Skill - This is another skill leading to some new spells.

Dark Magic ID - 346

Dark.png Dark Magic Skill - The dark arts, taking this magic branch forbids you to learn certain spells from Astral Magic.

Focus Skills

  • Using them requires a skill on its own, the Focusing Skill, which can be obtained by talking to Luca.

  • To gain advantage from a skill you must ask Luca to help you to focus on it. Actually, you can only focus on one skill. Once focused on, the skill will improve one of your abilities. The importance of improvement will grow with the skill level, and your other status parameters as well.

  • To change the skill you are focused on, you must ask Luca to unfocus. For that, you will need to get a Grimace of Dementia, a terrible potion made by Caul.

  • Each Skill can be increased up to Level 9 by getting Skill Points. You earn them by increasing your Job Level, from Job EXP, which is different from normal EXP. For example, increasing from level 1 to Level 2 requires 1 Skill Point, increasing from Level 8 to Level 9 requires 8 Skill Points, thus a total of 36 points to reach level 9.

  • You can have enough Skill Points to put all your skills up to level 9 so don't wait leveling them all up! Each time you get a new Focus Skill you can get other Skill Points to be able to get level 9 in that new skill.

  • Skill Points may not be reset the way stat points can be.

  • You do not lose your Skill Points spent on a Skill if you choose to focus on another Skill!

  • The actual "skill power" number ranges from 0 to about 200 (at level 10 (not yet available) in the skill with 100 points in the stat), depending quadratically on the level in the skill and the related attribute.

Focus ID - 339

Graphics-skills-focus-focus.png Focusing Skill - This skill will give you the possibility to focus on other skills.

Brawling ID - 350 - Stat: AGI

Graphics-skills-focus-brawling.png Brawling Skill - Your hands will be as powerful as weapons.

Speed ID: 352 - Stat: AGI

Graphics-skills-focus-speed.png Speed Skill - You will be able to walk and hit faster.

Resist Poison ID: 353 - Stat: VIT

Graphics-skills-focus-poison.png Resist Poison Skill - This skill makes you resist against poison.

Astral Soul ID: 354 - Stat: INT

Graphics-skills-focus-astralsoul.png Astral Soul Skill - If you want to be a mage, this skill is the most useful one in game. It increases your Magic Attack.

Mallard's Eye ID: 45 - Stat: DEX

Graphics-skills-focus-archer.png Mallard's Eye Skill - Made for archers, this skill increases your bow range and damage.

Raging ID: 355 - Stat: STR

Raging skill.png Raging Skill - Intended for warriors as it makes you hit harder with hand weapons by increasing the probability of critical hits. However, it will also reduce your defense.