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The items are sorted first by defense, then by magic bonus, then by price, then by ID.

Leg Armor

Image Name (ID) Defense BUY/Sell Weight Description Rarity
Equipment-legs-raggedshorts.png Ragged Shorts (881)
M. Attack -2
1 60 GP
1 gp
7 These shorts are too worn-out to give any protection. Initial item
Equipment-legs-cottonshorts.png Cotton Shorts (586)
M. Attack -4
2 1000 GP
500 gp
15 Shorts made of 100% cotton. Buyable, Ishi
Equipment-legs-silkpants.png Silk Pants (1172) 2 20000 GP
750 gp
10 A very light fancy pair of silk trousers. Buyable, Quest
Equipment-legs-cottonskirt.png Cotton Skirt (632)
M. Attack -8
4 1000 GP
500 gp
10 A skirt made of linen cloth. Buyable, Tailorable
Equipment-legs-miniskirt.png Miniskirt (771)
M. Attack -8
4 1000 GP
500 gp
8 A short skirt for hot summer days. Tailorable
Equipment-legs-cottontrousers.png Cotton Trousers (648)
M. Attack -6
4 1500 GP
750 gp
25 Ankle-length trousers made of cotton. Tailorable
Equipment-legs-jeansshorts.png Jeans Shorts (610)
M. Attack -8
4 2000 GP
1000 gp
25 Shorts made of jeans. Rare drop
Equipment-legs-assassinpants.png Assassin Pants (731)
M. Attack -5
Agility +5
4 10000 GP
3000 gp
20 Pants for a master assassin. Cannot be equipped with a weapon. Quest
Equipment-legs-leathertrousers.png Leather Trousers (857)
M. Attack -4,
Accuracy +2
5 1000 GP
500 gp
25 Trousers made out of robust leather. Quest
Equipment-legs-terranitelegs.png Terranite Legs (768)
M. Attack -8 / M. Defense +5
Agility +1
5 10000 GP
3000 gp
30 Leggings made out of terranite. Quest
Equipment-legs-jeanschaps.png Jeans Chaps (642)
M. Attack -12
6 2000 GP
1000 gp
60 Jeans with snake skin chaps. Tailorable
Equipment-legs-bromenallegs.png Bromenal Legs (796)
M. Attack -12
6 2000 GP
1000 gp
150 A bromenal leg armor. Unreleased

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