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Wyara is a humble witch living in the Potion Shop in Hurnscald.

Wyara can make the Mana Potion for you, which is necessary to learn the General Magic Skill. Her Mana Potion recipe is the least expensive (1 Bottle the Water and 40 Mauve Leaves), so she is the best way to get started in the art of magic. Wyara will ask you to accomplish some Magic Quests for her in order to begin your career of Magic. She is important in setting you on your way to seeing Sagatha, as Wyara will give you the task of helping the Druid Tree, and also to help the Injured Mouboo.

Spells taught by Wyara:

For further details on these spells, you should visit the Magic Quests and the Spells pages.

Wyara will now also reset your stats for a fee.

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Wyara can be found in the Potion Shop in Hurnscald.