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Quest Overview
Starting Location xxx-x xx, xx Tulimshar
Level 20 (required)
Prerequisites none
Redoable Yes
Reward Lottery Booth Ticket,
various items
Cost 1,000 GP each ticket
Quest Developers
Scenario Cassy
Programming Cassy
Graphic Artists
Tile graphics
NPCs Cassy
Sound fx
Quality Assurance
Testers follows

Background Story

Travelling the whole world along with heroic warriors, mighty mages and lightning-fast archers Lucky Luiz never was a good fighter, but a faithful companion and well appreciated business man who now settled down in Tulimshar and runs a Lottery Booth in which he offers many of his achievements from these journeys in his past. He also appears to be kind towards people that just started their own journey, giving them hints like saving their money for upcoming more important things that will come along their journey rather than spending their money for his Lottery Booth.

Lottery Booth

Location information:

Before you can get a price you have to buy a Lottery Booth Ticket for 1,000 GP. Then you can talk to Luiz again to exchange it with a random price.

Prices and chances as below:




Luiz' Daughter

Quest Overview
Starting Location 0xx-2, Tulimshar indoors
Level 20 (required)
Prerequisites 100 blanks in the Lottery Booth
Redoable No
Reward Clover Hat
Cost None

Location information:

Luiz' Daughter is a kind person asking you if you were lucky in her father's Lottery Booth every time you visit her. If you have gotton 100 Blanks or more she will feel sorry for you and tell you a little story about her father's past and an item he gave her instead of offering it in his Lottery Booth. It was suppossed to bring her luck but as she feels you need it more than her, due to your bad luck in the Lottery Booth, she will give it to you as a gift.


  • none



  • Tulimshar as location was chosen to bring more life into this area, making more experienced player meeting new ones more often.
  • The level requirement and different winning chances for different levels have their reasons:
    • While new players shouldn't spend their money on the Lottery Booth and better save their GP, it's not possible to buy a ticket before level 20. Instead Lucky Luiz gives them some useful hints for the game.
    • In order to not make it too easy for players to create new characters and evade the 10 tickets each day per character limit this way, the chances to get the main prices are higher the higher the character's level is.
  • The Luiz' Daughter subquest was created to give some kind of explanation or little story behind why Luiz runs a Lottery Booth and where he got all these items from.