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Quest Overview
Starting Location 043-4 xx, xx Troll Cave
Level 70 (required)
Prerequisites none
Redoable No, but yes for participating in the boss fight.
Quest Developers
Scenario Cassy
Programming Cassy
Contributor(s) Chayenne, tux9th
Graphic Artists
Maps Cassy, tux9th, ???
Tile graphics wushin, ???
NPCs Cassy
Items Cassy, Fother
Sound fx ???
Music ???
Quality Assurance
Testers follows

Background Story

A guy in a Troll Mask who is a historian was attacked by the powerful leader of a Witch Cult while doing some researches in this area. He tells you that over 100 years ago this cult was formed and became quite powerful and dangerous since they used their magic for evil purposes. The witches were able to turn weaker human beings into Trolls while their leader Kalinoir could even turn them into Terranites. The cult used the Trolls as slaves, making them do whatever they wanted them to do and the Terranites were used as guards to protect them.

With the goal to making the cult stop doing those evil things a white mage then appeared to challenge them. He was stronger than the cult but while fighting Kalinoir a terrible accident happened: when a dark magic spell by Kalinoir and a life magic spell by the light mage, which both were at full strenght, collided creatures in the whole area where they fought in were half-killed, meaning the dark magic spell of Kalinoir made them die but the life magic spell of the light mage prevented them do completely fade away. Being zombie-like creatures Undead Witches, Undead Trolls and Kalinoir can't die from aging anymore. But even though Kalinoir became a lot weaker after that intensive fight she still is a great danger that must be eliminated!

What To Do

  • Speak to the Troll Mask Guy and listen to the story. Accept his wish to destroy the cult along with their leader Kalinoir.
  • Since the entrance to Kalinoir's hideout is blocked by a magical barrier you will need to weaken it first by pouring potions into the flames of the magical torches all around the caves. There are 9 torches in total, for each one you will need 1 Large Healing Potion, 1 Sulphur Powder, 3 Black Scorpion Stingers and 5 Snake Eggs. The torches are easy to recognize as their color is blue instead of red.
  • Start by leaving the Troll Mask Guy's cave south to go to the Troll Cave (043-4) and go back to its entrance where usually only Trolls are. The top right torch is one of magical torches so speak to it and pour the first potion into its flame.
  • After that go back to the Troll Mask Guy's cave and exit it north to the Witch Cave (043-5) this time. There are a lot of magical torches in this cave, 6 of them will weaken the barrier, the others will warp you to another place.
  • Now there are only two more torches left. Both are located in the Snake Pit (005-3). Go there by going through the exit in the top right corner of the Witch Cave. The first one is right on the way but the second one is a bit harder to reach. You can see it by standing at the small bridge but to get there you must go north of the torch you disabled before until you see a stone at a wall. Get close to it and talk to it to get to a hidden path that leads to a small pond. There is another stone just like the one before that will warp you to another secret path that leads to the last torch.
  • After all torches are disabled the barrier is too weak to hinder you to pass it. So go back to the Witch Cave and head to the top left corner. Now you can just walk through it and find yourself in Kalinoir's Cave. Among all the torches in this hideout there is one with a green flame in the middle. Once again pour the potion in the flame to activate the boss fight and beat Kalinoir.
  • Once Kalinoir is defeated go back to the Troll Mask Guy to get your rewards.


  • You must stand one tile in front of or next to a torch to be able to pour the potion in its flame.
  • After pouring a potion into a torch's flame Undead Witches, Undead Trolls and/or a Terranite will appear, so beware.
  • Don't underestimate the boss fight as it was designed to be fought with a group of people so you should gather a team first.
  • Kalinoir hits hard but less hard than monsters like Jack Os, Zombies, Fallens, Yetis or Ice Skulls. It's more troublesome that Kalinoir is very fast in walking and attacking so if you have a low defense you better let warriors attack her and concentrate on the monsters around.

Large Healing Potions can be crafted by:

Sulphur Powders can be obtained by:

Snake Eggs are dropped by:

Black Scorpion Stingers are dropped by:


Total Cost:


After the Troll Cave was created and released to fill the hole of training areas for the level range ~60-80 that was present at that time, several ideas and plans were mixed together to create a quest like the Witch Cult Quest. Besides several people, both players and other developers, were asking for a quest for that cave anyway, there have always been wishes to have another quest similar to Angela's Daughter or The Illia Sisters. Also it was planned for a long time to connect the caves in the west Tulimshar beach maps (043-3) with the eastern desert (005-1), so the Witch Cave (043-5) was created and the Snake Pit (005-3) was extended. Another plan, having a place under the Earth Spirit's well in a cave with a pond for future development, was implemented as well. Another reason for creating the Witch Cult Quest was to have some kind of explanation why Trolls, Undead Trolls, Undead Witches and Terranites live in the Troll Cave.