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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing on the Classic server. If you are looking for information for The Mana World, go here The Mana World.
See also the Classic Portal

This article is for reference purpose

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Maps are an important part of The Mana World.


You can build a map for The Mana World using Tiled

  • Size: Around 200x200 tiles is good in practice, though the maximum is 1024x1024 tiles.
  • Tile size: 32x32
  • Map border: You need to leave a non-walkable but properly designed border around the map of at least 20 tiles (Diagram). This can be suspended in special cases (like the botcheck map).
  • Walls/players proportions: A normal door for a player is 2 tiles in height.
  • Indoor/Outdoor proportions: It is not required that inside view of buildings has to fit the size of outside view. Don't make them too different unless the involvement of magic is obvious for the area.
  • Path reference: Please use TMW folder structure to keep references to tilesets working. Also, please use TSX files instead of directly referencing the PNGs.
  • Transparent color: Tilesets use alpha so no need to set a transparent color.
  • Layers: Each map can have many layers. Two special layers are required in every map, though:
    • Fringe: This layer is drawn simultaneously with items and beings, where tiles north of a being are drawn behind the being and tiles south of the being are drawn in front. Hence this layer is suitable for adding static objects to a map like plants or statues which exceed 32px in height. Tiles which belong into fringe are in oversize-tilesets marked with _x2 to _x8. Do NOT put tiles that are 32px high on this layer; having them here instead of lower layers makes the maps slower to render in the client, decreasing performance.
    • Collision: this is a special layer for which you have to use the collision tileset. Use the red collision tile where you want a tile to be unwalkable. Be careful that even if a tile is not reachable, but it's walkable, the server can spawn monsters there, which means they will be unreacahble by players; other weird situations can also occur. For example fill a wall with collision tiles, not only the borders, or you could have monsters spawning inside the wall.

In a good style of mapping, please always use the lowest layer possible, and don't place tiles under other tiles that are completely opaque (like having something beneath a wall tile where it isn't visible). This is also in the interests of performance, since it keeps down overdraw.

How to map

When you want to make maps for The Mana World but you don't know how to start, read the Dev:Mapping Tutorial.

The naming scheme we're using at the moment is described in it's own article here: Dev:TmwAthena Map Names.

Existing maps

Here a list of all existing maps and map name reservations:

Map Description
botcheck Bots Checking Area
001 1 Tulimshar Port
2 Tulimshar indoor
3 Tulimshar arena
002 1 Sandstorm, south of Tulimshar
2 Sandstorm, indoors
3 Desert mines, Mining Camp
4 Desert mines, level 1
5 Desert mines, level 2
004 3 Pirate Caves First Floor
4 Pirate Caves Second Floor
5 Pirate Den
005 3 Snake pit
006 1 Desert mountains
2 Native Village
3 Desert mountains caves
007 1 South east woodland
008 1 Woodland around Hurnscald
009 1 Hurnscald
2 Hurnscald indoor
3 Cave beneath Hurnscald
4 Orum's Caves
5 Brodomir's PvP Cave
6 Brodomir's Cave
7 Fight Club
010 1 South Woodland
2 Dimond's Cove
011 1 Central Woodland
3 Hermit's Cave
4 Lake Cave
5 Snake Lord's Cave ****(unavailable)
6 Bandit cave
012 1 North Woodland
3 North Woodland caves (Moggun Cave)
4 North Woodland caves (Terranite Cave)
013 1 North East Woodland
2 Magic house
3 Woodland Hills Cave
014 1 West Woodland
3 West Woodland caves
015 1 South West Woodland
3 Katze's Cave
016 1 Southernmost Woodlands
017 1 North Woodland Mountains
2 Theater
3 North Woodland Mountain caves
4 Hideout
9 GM Lounge
018 1 Woodland Mines (outdoor)
2 Woodland Mines (mining camp indoor)
3 Woodland Mines level 1
019 1 Snow Field
3 Snow Cave (Snow Field)
4 Snow Cave (Rock Plateau)
020 1 Snow Town (Nivalis)
2 Snow town indoor
3 Ice Cave
021 3 Central Tulimshar -Sewers
024 3 Tulimshar Magic School cave (Ancient Amulets 1) **
4 Tulimshar Magic School (Ancient Amulets 2) **
5 Tulimshar Magic School (Ancient Amulets 3) **
6 Tulimshar Magic School (Ancient Amulets 4) **
7 Tulimshar Magic School (Ancient Amulets 5) **
8 Tulimshar Magic School (Ancient Amulets 6) **
025 1 Graveyard Swamp East (South-westernmost woodlands)
3 Main Cave (South-westernmost woodlands, Rossy quest)
4 Lock Caves (South-westernmost woodlands, Rossy quest)
026 1 Graveyard Swamp West
027 1 Graveyard
2 Graveyard Indoors (Caretaker, Reid's Inn, Crypts)
3 Crypts Level 1
4 Crypts Level 2
5 Crypts Level 3
6 Crypts Mini-boss (Krukan)
7 Crypts Mini-boss (Razha)
8 Crypts Mini-boss (Terogan)
028 1 GM Island
3 GM Island caves
029 1 Candor
2 Candor island indoor
3 Candor Cave (Fight cave)
030 2 Christmas Inn
3 Frozen Lake
4 Christmas inn Warehouse
031 1 East Nivalis (Nivalis Port)
2 East Nivalis indoor
3 East Nivalis Ice Caves (Labyrinth)
4 Cindy's Cage Cave
032 3 Desert mountains (Miriam extension), caves
033 1 South-West Snow path (Barbarians Camp)
034 1 Snow Forest
2 Trappers Huts
035 1 Lumber Camp-1 **
2 World Koga
036 2 Candor Koga
039 1 Lumber Camp-2 **
040 1 TBA **
043 3 Sandy dungeon level 1 (Troll Cave)
4 Sandy dungeon level 2 (Troll Cave)
5 Witch Cave **
6 Kalinoir Cave **
045 1 Deep Snow Forest
046 1 Highlands 1 (Rock Plateau)
3 Frosty Underground
047 1 Highlands 2 (Snow Hills)
3 Snow Hills Cave
048 2 Blue Sage's Mansion
049 1 Barbarian Village-1 **
2 Barbarian Village-1 indoors **
050 1 Barbarian Village-2 **
2 Barbarian Village-2 indoors **
051 1 Illia Sisters Dungeon Outsides
3 Illia Sisters Dungeon Bandit's Cave
052 1 Illia Sisters Island
2 Illia Sisters Home
053 1 Barbarian Village-3 **
2 Barbarian Village-3 indoors **
054 1 Barbarian Village-4 **
2 Barbarian Village-4 indoors **
055 1 Woodlands Hills (East)
3 Woodlands Hills (East)-Caves
056 2 Mirak's House
057 1 Woods
068 3 Tulimshar Noble quarter-Sewers**
069 3 Tulimshar Castle quarter-Sewers**
070 1 Underworld*
2 Underworld Indoors*
3 Reaper Battle*

(*) Map pending release (**) Map planned or under construction (***) Temporary Map release