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Do we really need to list Aethyra? Our client won't work there anyways. They've changed to many things. — Jaxad0127 16:51, 22 September 2008 (CEST)

I created a new page Forks for project based on TMW which are incompatible with our client. --Crush2 18:36, 22 September 2008 (CEST)

Password Abuse Needs To Be Amended

I haven't come up with the correct words for it yet, but I wanted to add this. New and often younger unofficial server administrators and game masters need some sort of warning that lets them know there are consequences for abusing player's passwords. The current warning seems to suggest it is completely a player's fault should their password get abused on the official server because of using the same with the unofficial one. I think there could be some emphasis on server administrators and game masters to not abuse player trust because that can result in consequences like bans from other unofficial servers, the official game and a loss of trust from potential players, content contributors and official game developers. Wombat 09:57, 23 August 2009 (UTC)

jak1's Server Keeps Disappearing

Does anyone know what happened to jak1's server? (

Some Server's are offline???

if i want so conect to pamela's server it shows "couldn't conect to this server" so pleace delete ur own server's if they arn't online... or pleace restart them so we can conect have fun, yours jak1

The Alternate World

Any reason why TAW seems to be down at the moment (or since some weeks)?


Looks like TAW finally ended. Shall I do the final step?

Let's face it

None of these servers works any more (besides official and one translated). This page is linked from a main site, so it should make at least some little sense. I think we should delete this all and list only official server, the translated one which still works, alpha and beta servers and Meway's server. Derp

The Mana World Progreesive

The Mana World Progreesive Spanish Server Froom People Speak Spanish Hostname: Port: 6901 TCP Administration: Depredador Language: Spanish in Public Chat: Website: None For Now