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Event Coordinators, Game Masters and Administrators have the ability to organize or help players to organize events. Event organization relies on their good will though. Keep in mind that GMs are, just as players, persons with a real life and its constraints. Also please don't ask for events or certain things to happen in those (e.g. asking to spawn a certain monster), because when your wish gets true other players will start asking too.

Event Portals

Gm events.png

GM events are held on GM island sometimes. When this is true the Gm Event Warps will open up and access to the island is granted. The Island spawns you back at the players Soul Menhir. The warp portals are located near each Soul Menhir.

Spawn Parties

GMs can spawn or summon various monsters in one or several locations. Players usually get large amount of experience and extra drops. Spawn Parties are often globally announced, but not always. They mostly take part in Hurnscald or the maps around Hurnscald.

PvP Parties

GMs can allow player versus player fight on a map, thus allowing player fights. They are usually coupled with spawning parties.

Kill the GM

Designed by Narus and coded by V0id, a new kind of event can now happen since February 2013. GMs wear a special hat (Magic GM Top Hat) which give them a special status. Players have to kill the GM at her/his signal. The player who gives the final blow receives a Murderer Crown as a reward.

Kill the GM events are always announced.

Toothbrush Event

This event will take place on GM island.

In this event, the GM will spawn all kind of slimes in the island. Once enough slimes are spawned, a toothbrush will be dropped to be eaten by a slime.

After that the GM island will be open and the event will begin followed by a broadcast.

The one that will find the toothbrush, will be able to pick a slot for an item from the GM Storage.

If the toothbrush isn’t returned to the GM within 24h the item will be deleted and the winner will forfeit his/her pick.


  • The event can be held with more then 1 toothbrush dropped. Therefore, it is possible to have multiple winners in this event.
  • Only one toothbrush per player will be accepted.