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Quest Overview
Starting Location 002-2 Sandstorm Desert Indoor, Сoordinates 116, 61
Level 60
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever

Inya is a fine jeweler located on Tulimshar South inside a little building. To find her, head South from the Ferry, until you reach the gates leading out into the Tulimshar Desert. Do not go through the gates, but instead, head East along the path. As you pass the Guard, you will see Inya's place, with Sarah out the front.

  • You can buy a Simple Ring from her (or earn one as a reward from doing the Love Triangle Quest).
  • To craft a gem on it you need the Gemstone you want to set and 100,000 GP to set the Gem.
  • Additionally It costs 50,000 GP to remove a gem and you have to pay the 100,000 GP again to reset a new Gem. Also, the Gemstone will be destroyed in the process, and you will not get it back.

Items Sold by Inya:

Items Crafted by Inya:


  • You can also take off a Gemstone from a ring (a real loss of money) for 50,000 GP. You will not get the stone back.
  • A Gemstone Ring only increases one of your stats by 1, but there are currently no other rings in game that can affect your stats at all. However, since making a Gemstone Ring is really expensive you might want to concentrate on more important equipment first.