Legacy:Jack's Raw Logs

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 009-1 Hurnscald
Level 30
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever

Jack's Raw Logs

Background Story

Jack somewhat retired from doing his job. He still has some customers he is supposed to satisfy! That is why he takes every helping hand he can get. He is asking everyone he thinks can manage it to bring him Raw Logs from the woods to work with.

What To Do

  • Jack is located in Hurnscald just west of the Soul Menhir.
  • Jack will then ask you for 30 Raw Logs.
  • Head Southwest from Jack to find the Log Heads.
  • After you have collected 30 Logs return to Jack for your reward.


Raw Log is dropped by:


  • 4,000 GP
  • 4,000 EXP

Total Cost:

  • 30 Raw Logs
  • 25 Daily Points