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Pauline is a witch in Tulimshar Castle on first floor across the hall from Tondar and the Magic School. She is an expert in all kinds of magic.

Spells taught by Pauline:

Pauline's Quest

When talking to Pauline, if you have learned Astral Magic Skill, she will tell you about some painting she found in a cave. She will tell you the invocations to both the summon pinkie and the summon mouboo spells she found, but she doesn't know the right ingredients for the spells. Your task is to find those ingredients. She will give you a hint. The ingredients are somewhat similar to other Astral Spells.

When you come back she will ask for this ingredients. Starting with the Mouboo spell you will have to type in the ingredients. The right ingredients for the Mouboo spell are one Root and a Mouboo Figurine. You have to type "Root" and "MoubooFigurine". The input is case sensitive and will not accept spaces. You also have to give her these items to complete the quest.

Caution: You can type in any ingredient you want, if you have that with you she will take it and the item is gone. So do not give her any rare items just to play around. Items you give her trying to complete the Quest will be lost, and cannot be restored.

Once you typed in and gave her the correct ingredients she will spawn a mouboo and give you 10.000EXP as a reward.

Then she will ask for the ingredients of the Pinkie spell. The right ingredients are "PinkAntenna" and "Root". Please note again that you can type in whatever ingredient you want and she will take it. So be careful with what you give her.

Once you gave her both the ingredients she will spawn a Pinkie and give you another 10.000EXP reward.

After doing that she will tell you that she will contact you whenever she has more information about other spells.