Legacy The Great Quake

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This article collects information regarding the conceptualisation of the game world of The Mana World.

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The storyline is being matched to the game as it stands now.

The Earthquake

The Earthquake began in an explosive jolt. Unexpecting inhabitants suddenly felt as though the world had been pulled out from under their feet. The ground tore apart like paper, trees and plants uprooted, and mountains toppled. The seas were in a torrential uproar: waves crashed against waves, great walls of water engulfed lands, and creatures of the deep were ejected from their aquatic homes and crushed against rocks or buried under sinking land masses.

The chaos stopped as quickly as it had started, but it had put into motion a series of catastrophic events. Magma shot out of the ground, spewing from volcanoes, shattering mountaintops, and even exploding from solid flatlands. Crushing waves reached far inland. Water boiled and steamed as it battled with the lava flows. Devastating winds cast a sea of fire across the forests and the plains.

Immediate Effects

Tritons and Sparrons were the most devastated by the events. The small islands of Ancea, home to the Sparrons, were swept clean of life and all evidence of civilization by unforgiving waves. The ground opened and swallowed much of the Triton city of Cerulea along with its inhabitants. Each of the two races lost over 90 percent of their population. Talponian and Gispaan cities were burned and smashed to rubble, though many citizens managed to escape with their lives.

Tonori was hit hard, leaving many caves closed in the mountainous areas, and destroyed, not only the walls of the castle and surrounding buildings, but the sewer systems of Tulimshar. The monsters got into the sewer system and spread throughout the area. If you roam around the desert areas, you can still see the remains of what used to be a bustling area.

Kaizei was smashed to pieces in the NorthWest corner. Although most of the town of Nivalis and the district of Mangarron were pretty much unaffected by the Quake, icebergs the size of Candor were present for a long time in the seas nearby, and the icy lands were cut off from the mainland of Argaes for many years. Much damage occurred in Thermin, but the strength of the community pulled the town back into shape within about two years. Eventually, the ice reformed, and a bridge between the two lands was once again formed. Sadly this allowed the Tempurians to attempt an attack to conquer the Kaizei land, probably trying to gain more land for themselves to replace what they had lost, but the Mangarr are a strong people not to be taken lightly. All this turmoil caused much distrust among the people at first, as everything that they'd worked for disintegrated all around them. Mangarr nomads worked with the inhabitants of Thermin to establish strong defenses against the savagery of the Tempurians, and the city of Tempus is no longer considered a threat to the inhabitants of Kaizei. In fact, all passages and trade routes have been ceased.

The world quivered for days as everything settled. Its confused and terrified inhabitants, little in numbers, sought refuge and food, but it seemed nothing was left and they lost hope. Three days after the quake, in the waking hours of morning, a sudden wave of emotion washed over men, animals, and plants alike. They were renewed and confident, instantly feeling connected; safe. The world knew it must persevere, and so it did. The inhabitants of Kaizei sent boats of supplies, and the world was once again at peace with one another, although another issue arose...

...the monsters had spread, and something was wrong with the forces of good and evil in the land.