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Archer is one of the three main fighting styles in TMW. You can start as an Archer from Level 20 as soon as you obtain Forest Bow. Archers are powerful and they level up fast but not as fast as Magicians though. Archers are easiest to train as there are only two stats required to strengthen an archer. However it takes a lot of GP to train the archer as you need to buy arrows. The strongest weapon for archers is the Banshee Bow which can obtained at Level 90. For players below Level 90 Forest Bow is best.This can be obtained in two ways: One, by doing the Forest Bow Quest, or two, by buying it at the North Mining Camp Shop for 20,000 GP. It's important for archers to learn magic. Get maximum magic experience and Life Magic skill to heal yourself and others.

Note The Mana World doesn't define any class. Classes are defined by players according to the stats and equipment.

Range Archer

Range Archer focuses on Mallard's Eye Skill and can be obtained at Level 50. Until level 60 it's best to be range archer. After level 90, you can be Range Archer with Banshee Bow. Banshee Range Archers can do Illia runs and they can give same support as Bull Rage Warriors.

Speed Archer

Speed Archer focuses on Speed Skill and can be obtained at level 60. From level 60, Speed Archer is best. For a speed archer agility is important stat. It increases your attack speed more than Range Archers with same agility because of the speed skill. Speed Archers who can heal themselves and do magic can hunt alone in crypt and graveyard.


There's no difference of stats between Range Archer and Speed Archer. For new players who are starting as archers put 30 points in vitality and rest in dexterity until it reaches 100. Then put points in agility. Experienced players go with 0 VIT as they avoid most attacks.

  • STR It's not usually recommended to put points in STR but if you want to carry many arrows and armor you can put +5 in STR otherwise no. A +5 in strength also provides damage bonus for archers.
  • AGI This makes you attack faster and increase DPS, it's very important, always raise it. It also increases your walking speed and evasion. Max agility.
  • VIT is always important because it raises both defense and maximum health, as well as speeds up your idle healing rate. However as an archer your attacks are ranged, thus you rely on this far less compared to warriors. But eventually you will need this for narrow maps that are crowded with monsters.
  • DEX This is the most important stat for archers because it raises both the accuracy of your attack and adds to the base damage of the Bow. Many Archers are content to stop raising DEX at 100, while some others would max it out completely before even starting to touch their agility. With a 9 levels of the Mallard's Eye Skill, raising DEX to 100 is important because it allows +3 Range instead of +2.
  • INT If you want to be able to heal as an archer you will need a bit of intelligence though it is possible to keep it at level 1. You will pay for this ability by having less defense, and you will need to use less magic penalizing items like gloves.
  • LUK Not important. Don't put any points in luck. Use four leaf clover so that you can have one lucky dodge.

Banshee Stats

Banshee Bow is the best bow in game for archers. Banshee archers are best and easy to play if you have Heart Of Isis. Banshee users should focus on speed skill. There are some Banshee users with Mallard's Eye Skill for doing Illia runs. Banshee users need to heal themselves constantly as you lose 4% HP of the damage you dealt. There are two ways to heal yourself. One way is to use magic and other way is to use healing items. The second way is costlier. It's recommended that you gain magic experience to max i.e General Magic Level 2 at 450% so that your healing is more productive. Using magic to heal is very effective if you have heart. You don't even need to use other healing items when you have heart. Just lum spell is enough to recover HP.

Note: If you don't have the Heart Of Isis, try 90-100 VIT, 90 DEX and put the rest in agility. This build wont use many healing items but you wont be as effective as other banshee archers.

  • STR You can put +5 in STR to carry arrows, armor etc. It depends on the user. A +5 in strength also provides damage bonus for archers.
  • AGI As Banshee users are focusing on speed skill, agility is important for Banshee users. Max agility. It improves your dps and evasion. A high evasion will help you dodge most of the non critical hits.
  • VIT Vitality is important for Banshee users as it gives HP. Minimum of 60 vit(if you have Heart of Isis otherwise 75 vit minimum) is needed so that you can take a couple of hits and heal yourself.
  • DEX 90 Dex or 100 Dex. If you put 90 Dex, you can have 75 VIT. For 100 Dex, 60 vit. 100 Dex is best for banshee archer, but you would have minimum vit. Try 90dex 75vit and 100dex 60vit in test server before rising your stats. For 75 vit, you would consume less pots and more hp and can take more no of hits. For 100dex, good DPS.
  • INT Banshee users who use magic to heal themselves can put some points in int to heal themselves. Although you can heal with 1 int but you need remove magic penalizing items like gloves.
  • LUK Not needed at start but most people raise luck after 100AGI and 100DEX. It will increase crit hits % and also you will avoid critical hits from monsters.