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The Mana World (TMW) is a serious effort to create an innovative free and open source MMORPG. TMW uses 2D graphics and aims to create a large and diverse interactive world. It is licensed under the GPL, making sure this game can't ever run away from you.

Explore this large, ever expanding world to defeat monsters, help NPCs and team up with friends as you achieve your goals. Get your weapons, armor and equipment through quests, monsters or crafting. Play mini-games, go on complex investigations or slay powerful bosses. Hang out in town, socialize or attend player organized events.

Wear your boots and grab your sword, adventure waits for you!


Start off in the pristine island of Candor before heading out into the vast expanses of the rest of the world. Get powerful and explore the large continents of Argaes, Tonori, and Kaizei, where adventure, discovery and magic is born. In The Mana World you are an adventurer and monster slayer defending the people of the world from the threats created during the Great Quake. Even in the icy heights of Nivalis there is a call for your assistance to keep the world safe and to grow your potential.

The Mage Council of Tulimshar has monitored events following the Great Quake and feel that something ominous is spreading throughout The Mana World. Monsters seem to appear out of every shadowy corner and petty deities have begun to make presence in dark places. The council has made the call and you are just one of the many people that will battle the forces of evil, sending them back to the depths they came from.

Be it using a sword, a bow or magic, you have answered the call from the leaders of the world to fight back the darkness that spread after the Great Quake. After exploring Candor Island, you will venture into the Tonori desert, battle your way through the forests surrounding Hurnscald or the icy mountains surrounding Nivalis. Monsters have nowhere to hide. There are many a quest to embark on, and a community to support you on your journey. Discover the caves, collect the many precious resources dropped by these monsters, and trade with many. Make your mark on The Mana World!

Be brave, O mighty one...O brave!


We are volunteer driven and encourage player participation in development. We have a long history of contributors. We try to make contributing to the game easy.

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