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Promotional Video[edit]

Since animated pictures give a better insight into the game TMW created a promotional video:

The Mana World promotional video

Game Screen Shots[edit]


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some random event in 2021
ginosuper winning the fastest beheader challenge!
Caution Avoids Dispair 2021

Manaplus Version 1.4[edit]

Attn Hut
A wild lag appears
Happy Hour at the Graveyard Inn

The Day Wushin changed the Hurnscald Tree
Halloween 2013
Holiday Battle, All Smiles


Fun with the others
Booth's Event
More fun
The best fun ever (With Katze :)
HMC Trivia (Orange Rangers)

Version 0.0.29[edit]

Putting Things in Storage at the twins' bank
Hurnscald Woodlands

Developer Screenshots[edit]

Work in progress screenshots from developer versions that have not been released to the public or from unofficial forks.

The HMC guys are testing TMWServ
experimenting with changing the colors of images at runtime
Crushs particle engine.
Crushs particle engine.
Fog and smooth scrolling from Crushs GFX branch.
SVN 21.06.06 The first time a
female character appeared on screen.
Assparade!!! - first version of the new
playerset that has not been released.


By year

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