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Please read before working with/on this page:

This page is used as an overview of things that need to be done (added, updated, etc.) in this wiki only. Please keep it as clean and updated as possible. You can always ask on IRC and/or on our forum if you don't understand something. For bigger changes on important pages, it's recommended that you ask. Also keep in mind that new players read the wiki and often take it as a first impression. Thank you.

Note: Most points in the Player pages section can be edited by everyone, while other pages, like development pages, usually need more technical know-how.

So please feel free to help!

PS. This only covers the wiki and have absolutely no relation with game development or whatsoever.

Wiki Content[edit]


  • Screenshots: Place images in correct year and add images from forum to fill in missing years

Pertaining to The Mana World: rEvolt.

Namespace Issues[edit]
  • Pages made for unreleased items from page references.
  • Move pages on Main Namespace to Classic: Namespace where appropriate.
  • Move pages on Development: Namespace to Classic: Namespace where appropriate.
  • Move pages on rEvolt namespace to main namespace. There's no need to leave redirects behind.

Important notes:

  • When moving pages from Main Namespace to Classic Namespace, leave a redirect behind.
  • When writing a page which was previously a redirect, please use {{Disambiguation}} tag, in case player is looking for TMW:Classic information.
 - Forcing players to go back to Google or use Search bars is counter-productive and SEO-harmful.
  • If you prefer, you can build the page on rEvolt: namespace, and configure main page to look like This one
  • Keep in mind The Mana World have two servers, pretty much like Ragnarok have Classic and Renewal servers. Albeit the former is fated to die due to sheer lack of maintenance, prepare the wiki assuming both servers will run forever.

General tasks[edit]

There are many new updates to the wiki at present, so instead of mentioning them one by one, here is a brief description. They are not in chronological order. Some are still under construction or repair.

  • Confirmation that all items have a page.
  • Confirmation that all monsters have a page.
  • Confirmation that all NPCs that are linked to exist and haven't been replaced, and that their coordinates are correct.
  • Pictures are up-to-date.

Also checkout pages that link to the note template: Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Note

Development pages[edit]
  • Development:Monster Design and Development:Item db.txt probably should be archived
  • Map development - Archive the Classic's version (can use both Classic: as Archive: namespaces) and rewrite with new map conventions (which only Micksha knows)
  • GM Commands and User:Jesusalva/GM could be merged; But can get messy quickly. Changes to GM Commands are also rarely announced, which makes updating these a burden.
  • Mark-up Hercules documentation Hercules Docs - or just replace our documentation pages with link to those.
  • Or use [1] our own documentation fork which is way more up-to-date than official Hercules' one.
  • Development:ToDo should probably be made in a #REDIRECT to GitLab milestones page.
  • Proper Reporting Bugs instructions
  • Development:SFX can be replaced with the Sound Design Documentation
  • Development:Main Need to be divided because Development workflow for Classic and rEvolt are different. Development pages only relevant to Classic can be safely moved to Classic: namespace leaving a temporary redirect behind.
  • There's no present interest in actively developing Classic Server; Therefore, redirects from Development: to Classic: are not required.
  • Development:Working_With_Git needs info about merge conflicts and gitlab specifics (Merge Requests)
  • Development:Testing_Server has been reestructured, both on Classic Test Server as on Official Test Server (LTS have @debug and inheirs GM structure from Classic Official Server, OTS have @commands and only two GM groups)

  • Help with Manaplus Wiki
  • There's a huge list of ManaPlus improvements in dire need.
  • There's also the idea of rewriting the client for Mobile (ie. deprecate Guichan)
  • PM 4144 in IRC or on the Forums for an account or information about ManaPlus.

Classic Server[edit]

(edited by Speiros, 16 January 2021)
This is an updated list of changes or requirements needed for the Classic wiki. If there are others, please add them here too. Also, please use the discussion page to talk about changes.

Here are the steps for what is required on the Classic:NPCs_(all) page.
(I am currently working on this section)

  1. All dead links need a page to go to. (Completed on 16 February 2021)
  2. Any missing NPC's need adding to the page. (Completed on 16 February 2021)
  3. All NPC's need an individual page (some exceptions where multiple NPC's have one page).
  4. All NPC's need to follow the same format as all other NPC's with a "Y" in the "PP" column. Shops are a little different, but open up a shop NPC with a "Y" on it, and follow the format.
  5. After these things, go over them again, and add the NPC template, adjusting the template if necessary to ensure it covers all needs.
  6. Ensure there is a "" and a "Category:ClassicNPC]]" typed in the "See Also" or "Other info" section.
This is not needed when using the template
  1. Each NPC checked to ensure these bits of information are correct:
    1. Correct picture
    2. Correct location information
    3. Complete list of quests to each NPC
    4. Good spelling, and easy-to-follow instructions
  2. Once this is confirmed, the column "PP" can be removed from the page, as can the "Under Construction" label.

Classic:Navigation Things required

  1. Confirm there is information regarding every locality on the game in it. Currently, it seems to be missing Asphodel Moor, The Crypt, and a few others.
  2. Fix dead links.
  3. Each locality should have an individual page if there is more information for it than just a paragraph or two. Otherwise, the link should be to a sub-heading in the page from the locality. For instance, on the NPC page, it may link an NPC to a locality. This may mean changing headings in the Navigation page to ensure it can be done.
  4. I haven't looked at it yet, but working out a consistent format that is suitable would be good too. It has been mentioned that the layout of the maps differs from page to page, as in where on the page it is situated.

Classic:Items Things required

  1. Ensure all items are added - for example, Gwyneth has items in her shop that aren't on the database, at least on the wiki.
  2. Ensure they are all linked to ALL the monsters, shops, quests etc in game that drop them, or sell them.
  3. Ensure that they are in order of value first, and alphabetically second.

Classic:Quests Things required

  1. Ensure all quests are added
  2. Use the quest format, however that will be. This includes the template.
  3. Have a walkthrough for every quest in a step-by-step fashion.
  4. Go through the pages, and make sure that they all have a link to all Monsters that will be encountered in the areas that attack.
  5. Ensure all rewards are correct, and linked to (for example, Love Triangle Quest seems to have been in error).
  6. Ensure there is a link to all needed NPC's in the game, so that a player can find how to get there on the wiki.

Classic:Monsters Things required

  1. Ensure that the monsters are all in the table.
  2. Ensure that the monsters are in the table in the correct order.
  3. Ensure that all drops are accurate, with percentages added.
  4. Confirm that the pictures are up-to-date.

Classic:Shops Things required

  1. Ensure that all shops are in the list.
  2. Remove information that seems doubled up. There is a sortable list that has sufficient information on it instead of having the information twice like it presently is.
  3. Check that the shop items and prices are correctly stated.
  4. Ensure all links go to the legacy game, and not the new one.
  5. Once completed, go to each NPC, and add a link at the bottom under "Other info", or however it is worded.

Classic:Geography and/or Classic:Navigation Things I'd like to see/do

  1. Have all buildings named and mapped, and put into a storyline if possible. At the very least mapped, so people can identify each building by name, and know how to get there.

Special:Categories Things that need doing

  1. Sifting through the categories and ensuring that none of the pages go to dead links. Ensure that they are filed correctly in the categories first, before moving. I noticed that there are many "Classic" categories with no proper page. So check to see if there is an existing page, or whether the existing page needs updating. Otherwise, a page will need adding for the Classic categories. Check first.

*Note: End of list by Speiros on this date.

Pages with frequent updates[edit]

Some pages need to be checked frequently if they are up to date, mostly because members listed in them change or pages in their category get added or deleted frequently:

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Wiki Improvement[edit]

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