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Current Playerset Sprite Sheets

Male Player Sprite Female Player Sprite

Sprite Sheet Specification

  • Frame size: 64x64
  • Color depth: 32 bpp (including alpha layer)
  • Directions: 4 (north, south, east, west)
  • Dye Channels: 3 (W;R;B;)

Total List of Playerset Actions

  • walk
  • sit
  • dead
  • attack
  • attack_sword_stab
  • attack_bow
  • attack_spear
  • attack_chop
  • attack_2hand
  • cast

Mechanics and Layering

The Player Sprite is a 3 Channel Dye which is why it looks so weird. The Channels are WRB (Greyscale, Red & Blue). This is to facilitate our the sprite Dye system. The Male and Female sprites share frame numbering and just about the same xmls for a wide variety of gear. The player sprite is also the Npc base for the humuniod Npcs. Between the Dye channels, clothing and layering equipment it makes something like millions of unique Npc combinations.


  • Death frames need a good animation
  • Extra Dye Channels added to "texture" the base player
  • Facial Expressions
  • Body Modifications (Horns, Spikes, Wings, etc.)
  • Large and small size of player sprite.