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Before developers release game content onto the official server, they'd like feedback from other developers and play-testers. This testing server regularly restarts for content additions, fixes and tweaks.

There are several ways to test:

  • Developer testing : Developers need to test their content in realistic conditions. They more or less would know about potential weaknesses and try to figure out possible solutions. No one, however, can be protected against the developer's biggest fear: the bug; because they know their work too much.
  • Player testing : A play-tester needs to perform the tests in conditions as close as possible to those that the players will meet in-game after the content is released. Thus, "cheats" on the test server are forbidden to them except in special situations approved by developers. Even items in the inventory should be close to the ones they would have in the real game. Testers must expect too that they can make errors in answering NPCs or bringing wrong items or an insufficient number of them when testing quests.

Test-related discussions happen on the forums in the Tester Reports section.

To become a play-tester

You must first be reasonably familiar with the game, be registered on the forums and create an account on the test server and begin to test. You can coordinate your testing with the developers involved in the creation of the content you are testing either on the forums in the Tester Reports section or on live-chat on IRC at Libera Chat channel #evol-dev.

After a significant enough test contribution, you are entitled to be part of the Tester group on the forums, ask a dev or admin to invite you to it if you think you might be eligible.

Test Reporting

Where to report :

Reports should be made in the Tester Reports section of the forums. Please read the forum rules and be respectful of developers. Thank you for helping them improve their work.

How to report :

Reporting a test is basically like Reporting Bugs except that you can control the starting conditions of the test, and that it is possible (at least theoretically) to repeat the trials. To perform a good test you must
  • Specify precisely the starting conditions: level, class, status and job status, skills.... equipment employed if necessary, maybe client.
  • Do NOT use unrealistic Status for serious job.
  • Note even schematically the main steps of the steps and the remarks that come to your mind, they can be useful (even if you think they are not important).
  • Do not try to presume anything about the developers intentions.
  • Avoid @commands as much as possible (they can biase your feelings too) and generally speaking: do not try to cheat
  • Read Dialogs carefully: Effort was made by developer to make the story and dialogs nice. When not bugs, misspellings are still issues.
  • Watch the graphic environment: Effort was made by developers to make it pleasant. It may hide issues too.

As a summary: be a fair and wise player, take notes about what you feel and do.


Client may (will) have an influence on the way you play and on the impressions you have. It may have to be tested too.

GM Abilities (outdated)

There are several levels of GM ability, depending on the person's role on the development team. Note that the primary purpose of this server is to allow developers and testers to test new and unfinished content. To keep it open to the public, we've restricted access to certain GM commands which have been abused to interfere with testing.

To get access to this commands type "@gm gm" in normal chat.
  • @warp to map locations
  • @item to make items for your character
  • @zeny to make money for your character
  • @heal, @alive, @die
  • @hide to avoid being attacked by monsters
  • @who who is online?
  • @whogm same but with GM status

Use the Debug NPCs in each town to set levels and skills

Official Testers
  • all the above plus
  • @goto another player
  • @spawn monsters to fight
  • @broadcast announcements to others on the server
  • @pvpon/pvpoff on maps
  • @killmonster/killmonster2
  • @blvl and @jlvl to change level
Official Content Developers
  • access to almost all GM commands


Our server is located at, port 6902.

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