Fertile Soil

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Quest Overview
Starting Location 008-1 Northwest of Hurnscald
Level 30
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever
Reward Multiple Herbs from plants
Cost 1 Bottle of Water
4 Grass Seeds

What To Do:

  1. Head to central Hurnscald, leave town by the north exit, then follow the small dirt path to the left over the water to get to Andra.
  2. Talk to her and give her 1 Bottle of Water and 4 Grass Seeds. She will throw the seeds in the air and the wind will carry them away.
  3. You can now have a look for some plants in that same map. Thanks to Andra!


  • Don't let other players take advantage from you, kill the plants Andra made from your seeds before everyone else.
  • About 15 plants will spawn, though sometimes it is hard to get them all before other players.

Bottles of Water are dropped by:

Grass Seeds are dropped by:


  • Multiple Herbs

Total Cost: