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Gasaron is the name of the world on which all known land and oceans exist. Nobody knows what the world looks like as a whole, as it's shape has never been observed from its outside. Some experts believe it is a spherical object, while others are convinced it must be cylindrical in shape. Sailing East or West has proven that a full loop can be achieved and therefore the world must connect on its sides; however, nobody has yet successfully sailed from North to South or vice versa, therefore it has been impossible to prove whether the world is a sphere or a cylinder.

It is believed that the Universe may contain other worlds. The sky contains many luminous objects which are believed to correspond with other bodies the size of Gasaron or even larger. The Sun is the largest body close to Gasaron. It shines bright and provides light and warmth to the world.

Gasaron. The Long Ocean is located mostly outside of the map frame, between Aemil (left) and Ancea (right).


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The continent of Ancea was the first to harbour sentient life. The first sentient creatures to set foot on its shores were the Tritans, however they only used the continent to supplement their diet with plants and animal life and never built any permanent settlements, as they preferred to dwell in the ocean. The first settlements were built by the Humans, followed by the Ukar.

Land of Fire

This large Island on the North-West of the Kaizei region is sometimes considered separately from the rest of Ancea due to its peculiar geologic composition. However, the island is in fact part of the main continent.


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For millennia a wild continent, never inhabited or explored by sentient races. Aemil was initially explored by the first Tritan settlers of the Oranye Isles. Its first inhabitants were the adventurers of the Fleet of Argaes, who landed on the shores of the Aurora region and founded what soon became the great city of Esperia. Years later, the city of Artis began to form on the other side of the continent, becoming an important trading port for Humans and Tritans alike. The large village of Voile'nolen was founded by the Raijin during the first year of their existence. Most other races rejected and shamed them, forcing them to live in the poorest parts of Human cities; this led a group of Raijin to find a secluded area in the heart of Aemil where their race could live in peace and take charge of its own destiny.

Oranye Isles

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These isles form the smallest continent on Gasaron and are solely inhabited by Tritans who choose to live on land rather than in the ocean. These Tritans often retain a home in the water and only live on land seasonally. The islands are mainly composed of flat atholls and sand dunes.

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