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This article collects information regarding the conceptualisation of the game world of The Mana World.

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Kaizei concept map


The Northern icy landmass with its ever-changing iceshelf has been around for a long time, but in recent ages since the crystals shattered, its rate of growth appears to have exceeded the natural realm. Kaizei (also spelled as Kazei) as it's generally referred to, is the coldest place in the world and generally inhospitable, unless sheltered well from the weather. There isn't a lot of human history to tell about this place since there are only a few people living in this cold part of the world. Nivalis and Magarron were almost unaffected by the Quake as most of the buildings and boats survived the disaster. Nivalis (the capital of Kaizei) could even afford to send some boats filled with supplies to answer the call for help that Tulimshar sent just after the cataclysm. Thermin was a bit more messy than the other places, but after two years, most of the damage was fixed. A few years later, the Tempurians tried to invade Kaizei, but they were kicked off by the Mangarrs.


The beasts of the area are diverse. There are some vicious monsters in the area, especially Blue and White Slimes, as well as the formidable Yeti, but they are valuable in their commodities. There are many non-aggressive monsters too, including Fluffies and Polletts. Due to some of these monsters, who made their way into the ground to live quietly, the land is filled with caves of various size. The most common plants in this part of the world are the spruce trees and the White Bell. The coal found by Mogguns in the underground is proof that this land was a beautiful jungle once.


Most of those who choose to call this unforgiving realm "home" reside in a solitary fortress-kingdom, of which very little is known. What is known is that the people there believe the growth of the glacier to be a glorious (not to mention gradual) process, possibly even showing divine favour. Whether they are directly responsible for its recently exceptional growth spurt is uncertain, but people have been speculating as such.

Hunters and bandits are about the only other people you run in to out here in the sparsely populated big white land. You may pass some on your travels.

The locals of the area are wary of strangers, considering such things as the attacks just after the earthquake, and also that monsters that used to be calm are now aggressive. So there is no need to be offended by their cautious attitudes, but it is good to recognise the trouble that this area has seen.



Nivalis, apart from being the Capital of Kaizei, is in a mountain region famous for its hot springs. Its host sage is Santa Claus. Several magical races and creatures associated with the power of Santa exist in the area. The main economy of Nivalis is hunting. They export lots of meat, furs and iced water all over the world.


Mangarron is a Barbarian village and home of the Mangarr, a regional race of large humanoids. The village is mostly composed by tents that the Mangarr use as fully-fledged houses. The Mangarr are a good people, concerned about such things as their environment, and caring for the lands creatures. They are also mighty warriors.


A technologically advanced town. It is home of the Therminor, a regional race of short, stocky humanoids. The herminor generally tend to stay in their town as they are often misjudged by strangers, and they have everything they need where they are. They also fear that their technology could be used for bad purposes, which gives them another reason to avoid the contact with the strangers. They get their food without even hunting with automated traps set all over Thermin and they have discovered a way to farm in frozen lands. Here is the location of the Blue Sage Mansion.

Notable Persons

Santa Claus

A bit south of Nivalis there is a house that used to be only open to visitors during the Christmas period. Santa Claus lives there with his helpers. The residence is far bigger than it looks from the outside because of a spell. Although it has been open to the public, it is relatively quiet throughout most of the year.

The Blue Sage Nikolai

Deep inside the snow forest, in the land of Thermin there is a house called the Blue Sages' residence. This mansion is full of books and recently it began to be full of slimes too. Its library is known in many places as it's normally free to access. The residence is far bigger than it looks from the outside because of a spell. Nikolai seems to be a close friend of Santa Claus. And just like Santa, Nikolai has helpers to keep up with all the work he can't do on his own.

Angela's Daughter

Cindy the daughter of Angela who lives in Nivalis has the strange talent of being caught again and again by the Yetis of the region who seems to really like to put her in a cage. Maybe she's stealing all their Yeti Cookies. Maybe she's always teasing them about their looks. Why does she end up in that situation over and over? And why is her Mum letting her run all around the place while she stays at the Hurnscald Inn?? Surely Constable Bob will say something to her in time. In the meantime, can't you help her out of her mess? It is very rewarding to help people, but the Yetis are a dangerous breed, so use caution.

Kaizei Map Breakdown

Kaizei actual.png

Assembled from minimaps: 1 pixel= 1 tile (1/32)

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