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Quest Overview
Starting Location 001-1, Tulimshar, Bazaar
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever

What To Do:

There is an small bazaar to the East of Tulimshar. From the Ferry dock go South, take the path East, before the walls of the city, and continue in this direction until you reach the bazaar. This is where Malivox now sits.

Malivox is a mage, who can reset your status points. So if you want to change your class, or you maybe accidentally raised INT instead of DEX, or whatever makes you want to redistribute your status points, just talk to him and he will reset your status points for a fair price (your level * 100 GP, for example at level 40 you will pay 4,000 GP).


  • If you are not sure about how to spend your status points, you can test it out for free on the Testing Server, instead of spending money several times.
  • You can also visit Wyara to reset yours stats, or if your level is less than 10, you can see Jessie.


Before the changes of 29th June 2013 Malivox was located right at the west side of the desert after leaving Tulimshar.

Before the changes of 18th June 2014 Malivox was located in the house in the SE corner of sandstorm.

Before the changes of 08th January 2015 Malivox was located in the North East corner of Tulimshar in the Noble District. It's composed of nicer homes and castles. It is East of the Port and North of the Castle, but all the map has changed now.

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