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Neko is located near the south gate of the Tulimshar's Bazaar. He's the main Tulimshar's merchant whose well-stocked shop deserves a visit, especially if you're new in this town and not well armed, needing nourishment to fight the desert monsters.


Land: Tonori

Locality: Tulimshar

Map Name: Tulimshar South

Map Number: 002-1

Coordinates: 112 26

How to get there

  1. From the ferry in Tulimshar, head South.
  2. When you reach the first path to the East, follow it to the bazaar.
  3. Turn South, and go through the portcullis.
  4. Enter the first building on the right, and go through the building out the back. You will find Luca there.


  • None

Other info

Items sold by Neko:

Github - north_shop.txt