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Quest Overview
Valia 2020.png
Starting Location 007-1 80, 83 South Hurnscald
Level 90 (required)
Prerequisites none
Redoable Yes

Background Story

Valia and Luvia are two witch sisters. You meet Valia in the Inn, at the South-east end of the South Hurnscald area. She tells you that "Ismuth, some dark mage we both hate." has captured her sister Luvia, and that she needs a party to deliver her. Would you, mighty adventurer, leave a young lady in the dark hands of a silly obscure mage? Your blood boils and you run to gather three of your closest, most skilled friends to free the lady, even though she is a witch. You will discover though, that beauty and charm can horribly mislead you, as these bitchywitchies are trying to get your soul! This is why they cursed the waterfall and their inn so that you cannot escape, even with your best magic or items. If you are able to beat them, you might bring back some of the treasures that are now useless to the unlucky ones who fell under their minions; If you fail you will make their army grow in size and power!

To Get There

  • Heading South from the Hurnscald ports, continue South when the path ends. You will see a couple of rocks that lead to a grassy path.
  • Follow the path until you reach another rocky path. Don't follow this path, but continue on over the bridge.
  • Continue on until you come to the Inn, and enter. There you will see Valia.


This is a Dungeon like quest, with seven steps. You will first have to make your way up to the inn in 4 stages. On the way you have to kill monsters in order to find one or several items which will be necessary to proceed to the next step of the quest. After entering the inn, three stages of tough battles await you. After you have finished in the first room of the inn there, will be a "quieter" intermezzo where you can gather some items to get prepared for the last (but not the least) room where Luvia awaits you.

What To Do:

V0id directing Luvia while a rehearsal, November 2012.
Note the original costume by V0id which was stolen by Ismuth short before quest release.
  • Woods (051-1, 051-3):First investigate the region around the door and try to find a way into the cave. Monsters: Green Slimes, Log Heads, Spiky Mushrooms
  • Bandits (051-3): Find Lockpicks and escape the Jail. Kill Bandit Lords to find the key of the exit door. Monsters: Spiders, Copper Slimes, Sleeping Bandits, Bandits, Bandit Lords.
  • Desert (051-1): Gather 7 Sealed Souls dropped by Soul Snakes. Avoid the Soul Eaters and bring them to the Hero, for him to remove the Curse on the waterfall. Monsters: Soul Snakes, Soul Eaters.
  • Illia Outside (052-1): Find the engraved stone and read it. A member of your group casts a spell to break the magic shield around the witches inn (#catalazuli). The caster has to stand perfectly still while the others gather Lazurite Crystals that appear all over the island. These Crystals have to be dropped into the area that surrounds the spell caster in order to give him the power to cast his spell. The magic drains the spell-caster's life and Demonic Spirits will attack her/him, thus he needs protection and maybe healing. Monsters: Azul Slimes, Demonic Spirits.
  • Illia inn part 1: Meet Luvia (052-2): A huge amount of Demonic spirits will be spawned in three waves... fight them one by one. After that a number of very powerful Witch Guards will try to get you. Defeat them and you will be able to proceed. Monsters: Demonic Spirits, Witch Guards (number increases with quest level).
  • Illia inn part 2 (052-2): Note that you can find there items, left by the unfortunate ones who constitute now the sister's army, so you can fill up with healing items and power boosters. Monsters: Demonic Spirit, Witch Guard.
  • Illia inn Boss fight (052-2): Kill Luvia here but wait for your team to be ready before you approach her. Monsters: Demonic Spirit, Witch Guard, (number increases with quest level), Luvia


  • Bring a lot of healing material. Players prefer Chicken Legs that can be bought for a fair price at Dimond's Cove (50 seems a reasonable amount). Also do not forget to bring some Iron Potions and Concentration Potions to increase your chances to make it through.
  • This quest takes time. Make sure you can spend about an hour at a time.
  • It is very important that you read the NPC dialogs carefully. If you feel stuck at some point, speak to the key NPC again.
  • Never go too far ahead, always wait for your team to be ready.
  • Hurry up! The Quest has a timer that runs out, and if you are too slow the rings Valia gave you will teleport you back.
  • Each time a team fails attempting to save Luvia the level of the quest is increased a little: Both difficulty and rewards will be more important.
  • Various skills are required to complete the quest, thus a well balanced party is required. Though there is no theoretical requirement it seems preferable that the team includes at least a powerful mage, and 2 well experienced fighters that can deal damage to Luvia. Luvia hits hard so do make sure that you have at least 70 vitality in your stats.
  • Protect your hero, because if the hero dies, the whole team fails. It does not matter who of the team is the hero, as every team member gets their own rewards.

Amethysts are dropped by:

Sapphires are dropped by:

Gemstones are reduced to Gemstone Powders at The Lost Hitchhiker - The Gem Powders

Frozen Yeti Tears are dropped by:

Iron Powders can be obtained:

Iced Waters are dropped by:

Rewards: One among the unique items (two if Luvia warns you that your Adventure will be "awfully dangerous"):

  • Banshee Bow Damage +90, Attack range 6, Max HP -150, Attack Speed +20%, Defense -40%, VIT Defense -35%, Vanishes HP by 2% of damages dealt, Walk Speed +10%, Requires Level≥90 & Dexterity≥80, Weight 900g.
  • Bull Helmet Defense 19, M. Attack -52, Str +10, Double Damage +20%,Critical chance +15, Attack Speed +10%, VIT Defense -39%, Accuracy -15, Requires Level≥90, Strength≥70, Vitality≥50 & Luck≥50, Melee only, Weight 1300g.
  • Lazurite Robe Defense +7,Intelligence+7, M. Attack +60, Move Speed -15%, VIT Defense -40%, M. Defense +60, Requires Level≥90, Intelligence≥70 & Vitality≥40, Weight 30g.
  • Heart of Isis MaxHP +15%, HP Recovery Rate +65%,
    Requires Level 85, Weight 40g.
  • Assassin Shirt Agility +15, Defense +20, Flee +20, M. Attack -5, Max HP +200, Walk Speed +10%, Hit Chance +20, Cannot be equipped with a weapon, Weight 15g.

These items are given up to two per character.

  • 200,000 EXP
  • Boss Points from 120 to 420, depending on the degree of danger.
  • If you have already received two unique items, then you will get 100,000 GP or 200,000 GP, depending on the degree of danger.
  • In addition, if Luvia says, more than once, that the quest is “quite dangerous”, you could (maybe) get one of the common items; and if Luvia says the quest is “awfully dangerous”, you could (maybe) get two of the common items.

Common Items: Steel Shield, Warlord Helmet, Knight's Helmet, Infantry Helmet, Crusade Helmet, Chainmail Shirt, Light Platemail, Warlord Plate, Setzer, Rock Knife,Warlord Boots, Forest Armor, Forest Bow, Wooden Staff, Wizard Hat, Short Sword, Bone Knife, Jeans Chaps, Pointy Witch Hat, Assassin Boots, Assassin Gloves, Assassin Pants.

Total Cost: