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The Lost Hitchhiker - Getting a Towel

Quest Overview
Starting Location (002-2) 2nd floor of Wizards Rest, Tulimshar
Level 42
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

You can get free undyed towel from Soul Menhir. To dye towel, you have to do this quest once.

What To Do:

  1. Head south from Tulimshar's port. You will find the inn and Stranger is inside.
  2. Give him what he asks for, which are 5 Iron Ingots and 21 Pink Antennae.
  3. After that there will be a small quiz with 3 questions, about the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, picked up in the following list in the spoiler below, to win a towel and open the possibility to dye your towel.

<spoiler show="Spoiler" hide="Hide">

  • What two words are written in big friendly letters on the back cover? Don't Panic
  • What's the name of the paranoid robot? Marvin
  • What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? 42
  • What is the first name of the author of the hitchhikers guide? Douglas
  • What is the last name of the author of the hitchhikers guide? Adams
  • Who is the male human protagonist? Arthur Dent or Arthur Philip Dent
  • Who is the female human protagonist? Trillian
  • According to the Guide, space is ____? Big
  • What is the name of the spaceship which was stolen by the president of the universe? Heart of Gold
  • How many heads does Zaphod Beeblebrox have? 2
  • What is the name of the rock group claiming to be the loudest band in the universe? Disaster Area
  • What star is near Ford's home planet? Betelgeuse
  • Which country does the human protagonist come from? England
  • What is the name of the computer on The Heart of Gold? Eddie
  • What color is a Babel Fish? Yellow
  • What did the bowl of petunias think? Oh no, not again
  • What body orifice should a babel fish be inserted in to work properly? Ear
  • What is the name of the super computer? Deep Thought
  • What were the second most intelligent creatures on Earth? Dolphins
  • What race creates the worst poetry in universe? Vogons
  • What is the name of the Vogon home planet? Vogsphere
  • What is the name of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe? Milliways
  • Drinking what drink is like having your brain smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick? Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
  • How many beers should you drink before hitchhiking? 3
  • What initials are carved into Zaphod Beeblebrox's brain? ZB
  • What is Ford Prefect's nickname? Ix
  • Who is responsible for the fjords of Norway? Slartibartfast
  • What game is played on earth as a relict of memories to an ancient war? Cricket
  • What is the name of the triple-breasted whore from Eroticon VI? Eccentrica Gallumbits
  • Who will insult every living being in the universe, because he is immortal and getting bored? Wowbagger
  • What is the name of the piteous creature that is continually reincarnated and subsequently killed, each time unknowingly, by Arthur Dent? Agrajag

This is the final question:

  • What is the most important item for every hitchhiker to have? Towel



Pinkies (8%)


  • 20,000 EXP
  • Use-others-hitchhikerstowel.png 1 Hitchhiker's Towel

Total Cost:

The Gem Powders

Quest Overview
Starting Location 018-2 Woodland Mining Camp
Level 42
Prerequisites The Hitchhiker's Towel
Redoable Yes, forever

What To Do:

  1. Go north of Hurnscald, into the Mining Camp, at the top floor. Talk to Malek about Gemstone Powders.
  2. Bring him 1 Gemstone of your choice. You get at least 7 Powders from each gem, you can get up to 12 per gem.


Total Cost:

Dyeing the Towel

Quest Overview
Starting Location (002-2) 2nd floor of Wizards Rest, Tulimshar
Level 42
Prerequisites The Gem Powders
Redoable Yes, forever

What To Do:

  1. Go back to see the Stranger.
  2. Give him Gem Powders and 1 Bottle of Water. The amount of powders depends on the color of the dye you want to apply on an undyed towel you have.
  3. To receive your dyed towel but not a dye. You can now use your towel as much as you want, until it undyes itself. There is 1 chance out of 15 that it occurs.


Here is a list of dyed towels that can be yet made in game:

  • Use-others-whitehitchhikerstowel.png White Hitchhiker's Towel: Teleports to: Koga (Ship) (035-2 20,21)
  • Use-others-redhitchhikerstowel.png Red Hitchhiker's Towel: Teleports to: Barbarians, in Kaizei, coordinates (033-1 66,33)
  • Use-others-yellowhitchhikerstowel.png Yellow Hitchhiker's Towel: Teleports to: Tulimshar South (002-1 113,117)
  • Use-others-orangehitchhikerstowel.png Orange Hitchhiker's Towel: Teleports to: Graveyard (027-1 70,100)
  • Use-others-pinkhitchhikerstowel.png Pink Hitchhiker's Towel: Teleports to: at Terranite Cave entrance (012-3 448,66)
  • Use-others-greenhitchhikerstowel.png Green Hitchhiker's Towel: Teleports to: Candor (029-1 69,69)
  • Use-others-bluehitchhikerstowel.png Blue Hitchhiker's Towel: Teleports to: Nikolai's Blue Sage Mansion, in Kaizei. (048-2 26,47)
  • Use-others-purplehitchhikerstowel.png Purple Hitchhiker's Towel: Teleports to: Dimond's Cove (010-1 27,97)
  • Use-others-tealhitchhikerstowel.png Teal Hitchhiker's Towel: Teleports to: Forest Mana Seed (012-3 64,130)
  • Use-others-limehitchhikerstowel.png Lime Hitchhiker's Towel: Teleports to: Pachua (006-1 28,97)


  • Don't dye your towel with another blank towel or dyed towel in your inventory.
  • Don't teleport with two towel in your inventory or they will merge.

Rewards & Costs:

You need at least 1 Hitchhiker's Towel (undyed) and 1 Bottle of Water to dye them.

  • 1 White Hitchhiker's Towel = 2 Diamond Powders
  • 1 Red Hitchhiker's Towel = 2 Ruby Powders
  • 1 Yellow Hitchhiker's Towel = 2 Topaz Powders
  • 1 Orange Hitchhiker's Towel = 1 Ruby Powder + 1 Topaz Powder
  • 1 Pink Hitchhiker's Towel = 1 Ruby Powder + 1 Diamond Powder

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