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Warning: The information provided may be different to the normal server.
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Graphics-skills-basic-trade.png Trading used to be a skill that was learned from Trader in former times. Now it is automatically available for all players. A player is able to trade with an NPC, or with other players. This page will help you use the trade function successfully.

Warning: It is highly recommended to follow the instructions below, to prevent you from losing your items by scammers, or by another error in judgment. It is NOT recommended to lend an item to someone you don't know, as this has been used by some to take the items and not return them. Also, don't drop an item to show someone, unless you don't expect to get it back.


  • ManaMarket is The Mana World's famous trade bot you can use to buy or sell items or equipment. Also it's Sales Report is very helpful as it shows you the value of all items it sold up to now.

How to trade

Note: This description refers to Manaplus, the game client of The Mana World: Legacy.

  • If you want to trade with someone, right click on this person and choose "Trade" in the menu. A window should pop up on their screen.
  • If someone wants to trade with you a window saying so will pop up and you can choose whether you accept the incoming trade request, decline or ignore it. Ignoring it will mean that the person can not continue offering you to trade with them, as some have used this to be a nuisance at times to other players.
  • With the trade window opened, either choose an item in your inventory by clicking on it and dragging it into the trade window and/or enter the money you want to pay at the input box at the top of the trade window.
    • Note: Click "Change" after entering the money or otherwise your trade partner doesn't know that you added any money.
  • Click on "Propose Trade". You will notice here that you are waiting for confirmation, until the other person also proposes the trade. Once this is done, the buttons will change to "Agree Trade". If you are satisfied with the money in the box, or the items being swapped, or whatever arrangement you have, click on the button. The other person also needs to do this to confirm the transaction.
  • Shop mode:
    • You can establish a personal shop by going into your inventory, choosing an item, clicking at the "Shop" button and choosing how many of them you are willing to sell for which price (GP only, and not other items).
    • You can right click at a player and choose "Buy" to get into his/her personal shop.
    • Players with a shop have a "$" above their heads on some clients. However, if they establish the shop for another character than the one they are online with (an alt character) you might see an empty shop.

Warning: Refrain from trading when there is a server restart planned in one minute or less. The outcome is unpredictable and might even lead to the loss of all traded items and money!

Possible reasons why a trade is not working

  • Enable/Disabled trading: Press the "R" key on your keyboard and check the Debug chat tab. It will tell you whether trading is enabled or disabled.
  • Trade partner is too far away. If this is the case the Debug chat tab will say so.
  • One of the trade partners is on the other one's ignore list.
  • One of the trade partners has an inventory that is overweight. Overweight means more than half full.
  • One of the trade partners doesn't have enough free slots in his/her inventory.
  • One of the trade partners have his storage (not inventory) still open. If this is the case the Debug chat tab will say so.
  • One of the trade partners doesn't want to trade anymore.