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Alexanderlime's Wiki Contribution Guide


  1. Click the "Edit" page tab at the top of the page.
  2. Make changes to the text.
  3. Click the "Save page" button.

No! Don't edit this page!

Make a summary

Before you save a change, enter a short note in the "Summary :" box describing your changes. Just put in a short description of what you just changed. You can take look at Special:RecentChanges as example.


ALWAYS preview before you save. This is also related to tracking changes because every time you save, this is displayed to others as a separate change. Just treat it as a good habit.

Show changes

when you edit, there an option next to "Preview" that is the "Show changes" button which allows you to see the differences between the current version and your edited version.

Managing pages

Starting a new page

There're several ways to start a new page:

  • Enter a url to a page which does not exist. If I want to create a page called "Remus loves Mauline" I'd enter
  • Click a red link in an article and you will be guided to the edit page for the new article.
  • Search for a page which does not exist.

Moving a page

Moving a page means renaming it. This is done by using the "move" tab at the top. The tab is not visible if you are not logged in. Simply enter the new name and click "Move page". Leave the "Move associated talk page" option ticked.

  • If you move page "A" to a new title "B", this operation will do the following:
  1. Renames the title of page "A" as "B"
  2. Renames all the editing history of page "A" as of page "B" as well
  3. Creates a new page "A", whose content is a redirect to page "B"

After moving a page

Moving a page should not result in any broken links, however you might want to hunt down pages or other redirects which link in to the redirect, and change their text to link directly to the new title. The "What links here" feature, which can be used through the link in the Tools (at bottom of the sidebar on the left) is useful when doing this.

Deleting a page

Please consider leaving a redirect instead of deleting the page. Also, normal users cannot delete a page which means you should contact an admin if you really want to do so.


Basic formats

What you type and what you get:

  • Italic ''italic''
  • Bold '''Bold'''
  • Bold&Italic '''''Bold&Italic'''''
  • Strike text <s>Strike text</s>
  • Escape wiki ''markup'' <--(the '' stands for Italic originally) <nowiki>Escape wiki ''markup'' <--(the '' stands for Italic originally)</nowiki>

Sections formatting

Headings of different levels

You will get

if you type
== Level 2 ==
=== Level 3 ===
==== Level 4 ====
===== Level 5 =====
====== Level 6 ======

Bullet list

Start each line with an asterisk (*). More asterisks give deeper and deeper levels. Line breaks don't break levels but jumping levels creates empty space. Any other start ends the list.

  • 1
    • 1.1
      • 1.1.1
  • 2

Numbered list

Start each line with a number sign (#). More number signs give deeper and deeper levels. Line breaks don't break levels but jumping levels creates empty space. Blank lines end the list and start another. Any other start also ends the list.


The wiki ignores single line breaks. To start a new paragraph, leave an empty line. You can force a line break within a paragraph with the HTML tag <br />.

HTML tags

Some HTML tags are allowed in wiki, for example <code>, <div>, <span> and <font>. These apply anywhere you insert them.


Internal Links

You get Main Page if you type [[Main Page]]. To make it piped, add a | and the text after 'Main Page like [[Main Page|different text]] and you will get different text.


If you made a blank page with the following code inside, the page will be redirected to Main Page.
#REDIRECT [[Main Page]]


Internal link to an anchor in the same page

[[#Managing_pages]] will result #Managing_pages.

Setting an internal link anchor

Omit the "optional text" for invisible anchor by typing <div id="NameOfAnchorHere">optional text</div>.

Internal link to an anchor at another page

[[Magic#Getting Started]] will lead you to Magic#Getting Started of Magic.

If the anchor is at heading level 2+, only mention the target's heading level. For example, u type [[Stats#Intelligance]] instead of [[Stats#Leveled_Stats#Intelligence]].

External Links

To add an external link, enclose the URL followed by space and the name of the page you want to link to in single square brackets. When you save the page, you'll see the new link pointing to your page, with an arrow icon after it to show that it was coded with single bracket external link syntax, and thus may lead to another site.


Set text color by using <span style="color:#FF0000"> This text will be red </span> This text will be red

Set background color by using <span style="background:green"> This text will be on a green background </span> This text will be on a green background

Set both by using <span style="color:#FFFF00; background:#00C000">This text will be yellow and on a green background </span>This text will be yellow and on a green background

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