Game Rules

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TMW Classic Game Rules

1. Do not AFK bot

This means you are not allowed to perform any AFK (away from keyboard) activity, apart from standing idle.

2. Do not use offensive/rude language

In the chats or in your character(s) name(s).

3. Do not spam/flood other players

This includes chat spam and spam by trade requests.

4. Speak only English in public areas.

You can speak whatever language you want through whispers or whenever everyone in the area can speak said language.

5. Do not beg others

For money, items or favours of any kind. If you want to ask for something, do it politely and only once. Try not to annoy other players.

6. Do not multibox

You are not allowed to engage in combat while controlling more than one character at a time.

7. Follow the TMW Social Convention (TSC)

Available at


  • Please do not share your password with anyone. We are not responsible for account theft or similar types of scam. And try to use unique passwords for each account you create.
  • The rules are subject to change, a notice in game, on the forums and on IRC will be given every time there is a modification.
  • A ban on the account is a ban on the player/person unless otherwise specified. Any new or secondary accounts may be instantly banned for ban evasion upon recognition.
  • The Mana World is an entity of SOFTWARE IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST, INC. and is subject to United States law. Anything illegal under the U.S. Code is de facto illegal on The Mana World.

In case of discrepancies between this document and the Policies website, the version that is present at shall be considered authoritative and prevail over this document. Similarly, in case of discrepancies between translations of this document and the original English version, the latter shall prevail over the translation.