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Drasil Island and the La Johanne are the areas where most of the introduction story takes place.

Drifting on a raft

The game immediately starts with the story being told by the Narrator. He tells you that you are on a raft, sleeping, adrift in the sea and that you can't remember anything. When you open your eyes, you see a large ship (La Johanne) before you with some sailors aboard. They are speculating that you are from the East (Ancea). Soon they will ask you whether you are okay.

Depending on your answer the game will continue using that language. You can choose between English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Flamish, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Catalan and Esperanto. It is possible to switch between languages later. This walktrough assumes you have chosen English (I hear you... (English)).

As soon as the sailors notice you are still alive, they take you aboard the La Johanne.

Aboard the ship

Soon you find yourself in a bed, with Q'Onan sleeping in another bed next to you and Magic Arpan and Elmo gossiping about you. By talking to either Magic Arpan or Elmo the story will continue. They talk about that your raft had a logo of the Legion of Aemil, and that you possibly could be from Esperia with a diplomatic mission from the Legion of Aemil. Elmo will inform the captain about this new information, where as Magic Arpan continues to guard you.

Warm Smelly Clothes

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Abide by the Rules

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When you walk into the captain's room you can hear Elmo warning the captain. Talk to Nard and he will introduce himself as the captain of the ship. He then will tell you the ship has stopped at a little island (Drasil), and that they soon will sail towards Artis. Finally he tells you that he needs manpower on the island. He gives you a key of the ship and commands you to talk with Gugli.

One of Us

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This quest is made out of several quests. Now that you have access to Drasil Island, you have a little bit more freedom to walk around. It is suggested to train a little bit here, and when you have enough money, to upgrade your weapon/armor at Fexil.

Unexpected Help

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Fish and Scams

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Drasil Island (lvl 1-5) - Artis (lvl 5-10) - West Argaes (lvl 10-12) - Hurnscald (lvl 12-20) - Asphodel Moor & Graveyard (lvl 20-25) - Candor (lvl 25)