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ID: 1093

Level 20

May mutate 1 attribute up to 20%.

Assists, Suicide

Health Points200
Physical Resistance10%
Magical Resistance10%
Job Experience15

White Slimes are very common in the caves of Nivalis, and hanging around White Bells. They usually appear together with others of their species.


White Slimes are often misunderstood. They are peaceful monsters that won't attack you unless you attack them or a White Bell. But if you don't kill them with one hit they will rush you and self destruct. Since self destruct uses splash damage, this harms not only the player targetted by the White Slime, but also other players nearby. Another point is that these mobs assist each other. When you attack one of them without killing it immediately, other White Slimes in this area will come to you for self destruct. The damage caused by self destruct isn't shown as a number on the battle screen. It is hidden, so you often don't realize you got hurt and maybe even die surprisingly.

Blue Slimes are often located where White Slimes are common. Since this can cause problems, you might want to fight at safer places like the place where Angela stands or the first room in the cave next to her. If you fight at these places and are able to kill them with one hit, you won't have any problems.

If you are searching for Book Pages for the Blue Sage Quest White Slimes are the best source for such. Blue Slimes also drop those, but they are stronger, more persistent and therefore it takes longer to kill them. Bottles of Water, Ice Cubes and Diamonds can also easily be gained from killing White Slimes.


The drops of a White Slime are needed in the following quests:


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