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Note: Many players also use the name "Cindy Quest" for this quest as Cindy is Angela's Daughter.

Quest Overview
Starting Location 031-1 Nivalis beach
Level 70 (required)
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, but item rewards are given only at first completion and you can't host anymore once you survived.

Background Story

We know from various sources (Blue Sage, Santa Claus, Mangarrs) that some thing is wrong with Kaizei's animals. Especially, Yetis, which used to be "very very shy usually" as Cindy tells us, are now aggessive. Cindy is Angela's daughter. She has been kidnapped by "Those awful filthy monsters"! At the entrance of the ice Labyrinth, you find Angela in full distress, crying and sobbing. "It seems she is too upset to tell you anything helpful. If only she would just calm down and concentrate a bit..."

Angela's Husband is an adventurer, just like you, and he is on one of his travels, so he couldn't rescue Cindy himself. Will you explore the labyrinth until you find The cute little girl? Will you be courageous enough to challenge the yetis? You will be probably wise enough to gather a strong party to bring her back home.



Items Needed:

Concentration Potions are dropped by:

What To Do:

  1. Go to Nivalis using the ferry, or a Hitchhiker's Towel. Head northeast up to the cave's entrance, you will see Angela here.
  2. She is really concerned about her daughter. Give her 1 Concentration Potion to make here realize that you can really help.
  3. Now go and see Cindy.


Starting Location: 031-3 Nivalis, deepest ice cave

Items Needed:

What To Do:

  1. When you will have finished talking to Angela, Cindy's mother, enter the cave. Now go right and enter the cave in front of you. After that, follow the caves up to the one where Santa was for christmas 2010, which is the last one.
  2. You will see Cindy in a cage, in the middle of the room. Take some friends with you, give your 10 Treasure Keys to Cindy and start the battle! You will be fighting Yetis in a big quantity. There are 10 waves of Yetis:
    1. Cindy: Yetis!
    2. Cindy: Watch out!
    3. Cindy: More of them are coming!
    4. Cindy: Be carful! More of them!
    5. Cindy: Attention! There is another bunch of them!
    6. Cindy: Hang on! More of them!
    7. Cindy: More Yetis! Will this never end?
    8. Cindy: There are coming more and more!
    9. Cindy: Watch your back! There are so many of them!
    10. Cindy: This seems to be their final attack! I believe in you!
  3. When all the yetis are dead, talk to Cindy. She will give you 1 item from the list shown below.
  4. After all that, you can still help people kill the Yetis of this quest. If you don't die, you will receive Daily Points which are used in Daily Quests. You will receive a number of points equal to the half of your current level. The Yeti battle gives you Bonus Daily Points that doesn't replenish over time and can exceed the Daily Points limit you have, which is equal to your level.


  • In fact, there is a total of 22 rounds, where a round is up to 120 seconds (shorter by the number of people to a limit of 60). Of course, if you kill all the yetis, it finishes that round. No yetis are spawned on rounds 11 through 21 (inclusive) but are spawned again with the normal calculation on round 22, and with a huge number on round 23 or higher. Victory is defined as being in at least round 11 while there are no Yetis. So you can have up to 22 * 120 s = 44 mn to beat the yetis before the big spawn occurs.
  • The number of spawned yetis is (5 + (1 * round_number) + (2 * number_of_alive_players))/4
  • If several characters initiated the quest with Angela and are present, only one of them has to give the keys to Cindy; all of them who are still alive at victory will receive the reward.
  • After surviving you can participate when someone else gives Cindy the keys, but you can't host yourself anymore.

List of rewards:

Every member of the party who is still alive when Cindy is safe receives a 50% of Daily Points bonus.

Angela's House

Starting Location: 031-2 Nivalis beach

What To Do:

  1. Come back and talk to Angela, she will thank you and will ask you to see her at her house.
  2. Head south and enter the first house you see on this snow beach. Inside you will see Cindy and Angela.
  3. Talk to Angela, she will give you something that her husband found: a Rock Knife (+110 Damage, +3 Vitality).
  4. You now ended their main quest. Remember you still can do these two next quests: Angela's Yellow Present Boxes (at level 70) and Angela's White Present Boxes (at level 80).


  • Put a lot amount of vitality before starting this quest, for example 91. This is because Yetis are really powerful.
  • Bring a lot of high level friends to do this quest. In fact, you will not be able to kill yetis without your friends.
  • You can only have a colored Wizard Hat, none will be given to you uncolored.

Total Quest Cost

Total Quest Rewards

You have 1 chance out of 3 to get a:

You have 2 chances out of 3 to get one of these:

You will also recieve:

Every member of the party who is still alive when Cindy is safe receives a 50% of Daily Points bonus.