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Warrior was one of the three main classes in TMW for a period, but as stats, equipment and other factors can affect the gameplay, it was recognised that this generalisation was inaccurate. This information is left here for reference, and will be updated at a later time. There is also a Essential Warrior Stats Mana-ual.

Many players are under the impression that injustice has been done to warrior class. But in reality warrior is best to play in group. Warrior is difficult to train as you need to distribute status points on many number of stats. However warrior doesn't have any costs unlike archers, mages. There are two kinds of warriors: Speed Warrior and Rage Warrior. Up to level 85, speed warrior is best and after 85 rage warrior. The weapon of choice for warrior is Setzer because of it's increased attack speed.

Note The Mana World doesn't define any class. Classes are defined by players according to the stats and equipment.

Speed Warrior Speed Warrior focuses on Speed Skill. One can get speed skill at Level 60. From that level to level 85, it's best to be speed warrior. For speed warrior, Agility is the important stat. The weapon of choice is Setzer. Set your base damage by increasing your strength and then put most points in Agility.

Rage Warrior Rage Warrior focuses on Raging Skill. One can get Raging skill at level 40. From level 85, Rage Warrior is best. For a rage warrior Luck is an important stat. It increases the percentage of critical hit chance.


  • STR is important to increase the base damage of the Setzer's attack. You can increase this until you are satisfied with your base damage. Note that strength has low priority at the beginning of the game. For example if your attack does 100 damage,and there's a monster with 390hp you will only beat this monster in less hits when you increase your strength with 30 values. If you use the points required to raise STR 30 points on AGI and DEX instead, you will attack a lot faster and miss less.
  • AGI this will influence the speed of your attacks. This will also increase your evasion of non critical hits and walk speed.
  • VIT is always important because it raises both defense and maximum health, as well as speeds up your idle healing rate. It also makes healing items heal you an extra percentage of HP. Always increase this. For speed warrior vit should be 50-60 and for rage warrior it's recomended to have 75-80.
  • DEX For starters dexterity is most important. Dexterity is important only up to certain level. 50 Dexterity is enough up to level 90. It doesn't matter if you're missing as tough monsters usually are high level which means they have high evasion. You will be wasting a lot of points in dexterity if you don't want to miss as even 60 in dexterity at level 55-60 would not have 100% accuracy for spiders.
  • LUK is also very important to train because it lowers the amount of critical hits you take, and also raises your critical hit ratio. For hunting in graveyard you need 66 luck.

Bull Helmet Stats

Bull Helmet is the best helmet in game for warriors. It's recommended to carry Warlord Helmet with always and switch the helmet according to the mob. With Bull your stat distribution would be a little different. Most Bull Helmet users use Raging Skill. There are also players with Bull Helmet and speed skill. They survive better than bull rage warriors.

  • STR Bull Helmet needs a minimum of 71 strength but you need to raise to strength to 80 at-least to be effective and compete against other classes.
  • AGI It's important to increase agility. After enough points in strength, luck, dex, vit, go for agility. Put all points to it. At starting (Level 90) you may not have much points to put in agility because of other stats. You can compensate this with Concentration Potions which are very easy to get.
  • VIT For bull warrior, vitality is important for your HP. Not for the defense it provides. It doesn't matter how many points you put in vitality, you're gonna get hit. So you have to watch your healing rate and HP which are very important for bull warrior. 70 or 80 vitality is good for Bull Rage Warriors. With 80 in vit you get about 850HP and recovers 400-500HP within 30 seconds approximately. For Speed Bull Warriors 50 vit. For The Illia Sisters quest you need a minimum of 70 vit.
  • DEX 40 DEX. Don't take points from dex and keep it at 40 as it increases your dps. Also, you need a bit accuracy for pirates.
  • LUK You need a minimum of 70 Luck The Illia Sisters quest, Crypt. For pirates you need 80 luck.


  • Head Armor Bull Helmet is best. After that Crusade or Warlord Helmet.
  • Leg Armor Terranite Legs are best as it provides +1 agility boost which is as good as agility ring. Leather Trousers are also good as it gives +2 accuracy. Lastly Jeans Chaps.
  • Chest Armor Warlord Plate.
  • Shield Steel Shield. You can make from Nicholas or buy at ManaMarket for 150k GP.
  • Weapon Setzer for it's increased attack speed.
  • Ring Regardless of your class agility ring is best to make. All classes need agility. For bull users, strength ring is best.
  • Note It's easy to buy Warlord Plate and Warlord Helmet from ManaMarket or others than grinding Iron Ore and Coal. But if you grind Iron Ore and Coal you get more experience at your level and some useful items like Diamonds, White Fur which are used later.