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Quest Overview
Starting Location 009-2 Hurnscald
Level 40 recommended
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever


  • To get to Nicholas the Blacksmith, head South of the tree in the center of Hurnscald, then head East. It is the third shop nearest the South-east corner.
  • Although Nicholas can make you these items, he will not propose you anything unless you have the required material in your inventory. Also two quests start by speaking to Nicholas with at least basic requirements (Coals, Iron Ingots and a Short Sword for Setzer) in your inventory: Steel Shield (described below) and Setzer

Steel Shield Quest

  • Come and speak to Nicholas with at least 6 Iron Ingots and 12 Coals in your inventory. He will propose a shield and asks some high quality steel to make a better alloy (Ingots are too brittle). When you come to him with Infantry Helmets (2), he will ask for a Leather Patch to craft the handle. But when you ask where to get it, the only thing he can say is:"Rumor has it that there is someone in the eastern desert who can."
  • Come back to Nicholas with all the stuff and 20,000 GP to get your shield and you will receive 20,000 EXP the first time you craft one.


  • For Infantry Helmets, Spiders can be found in the same mine. If you head into the mine, taking the first path to the East, you will see another entry to the North. Turn left here, and follow the path around. Be warned as there are in addition a lot of Red Slimes and Scorpions.

Another way is to turn right when in the mine, and head along the path. You will see a way to walk into the next section, so you can head South. Spiders are down there on the Western side. Be careful of all the Red Slimes and Black Scorpions that are there too.

  • Mogguns can be found in a cave near Hurnscald. Head West on the stone path from town. At the first fork (at a farm with many trees), go North. Continue North until the path forks again. Take the West fork and follow the path to a set of caves, one higher and one lower. Enter the lower cave and walk through until you see white sheep-like Mogguns. Be careful; all the Mogguns will attack as soon as you hit one.

Infantry Helmets are dropped by:

Coal are dropped by:

Iron Ingots are crafted by:

Leather Patch is crafted by:


Helmets Resources Cost
Knight's Helmet
+15 Defense, -30 Magic Attack, 600 g
3 Iron Ingot
6 Coal
10,000 GP
Crusade Helmet
+18 Defense, -36 Magic Attack, 1.3 kg
6 Iron Ingots
12 Coals
10,000 GP
Warlord Helmet
+18 Defense, -36 Magic Attack, 900 g
9 Iron Ingots
18 Coals
10,000 GP
Steel Shield Resources Cost
Steel Shield
+20 Defense, -200 Magic Attack, 2.5 kg
2 Infantry Helmets
6 Iron Ingot
1 Leather Patch
12 Coal
20,000 GP
Weapon Resources Cost
+110 Damage, 1 Range, 900 g
1 Monster Oil
3 Iron Ingots
6 Coals
1 Short Sword
50,000 GP
Chest Armor Resources Cost
Chainmail Shirt
+20 Defense, -120 Magic Attack, 800 g
5 Iron Ingots
10 Coals
20,000 GP
Light Platemail
+25 Defense, -150 Magic Attack, 1.2 kg
10 Iron Ingots
20 Coal
50,000 GP
Warlord Plate
+27 Defense, -170 Magic Attack, 2.6 kg
15 Iron Ingots
30 Coal
100,000 GP
Foot Armor Resources Cost
Warlord Boots
+5 Defense, -22 Magic Attack, 550 g
8 Iron Ingots
16 Coal
35,000 GP