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Quest Overview
Starting Location 015-3 SouthWest of Hurnscald
Level 30 recommended
Prerequisites None
Redoable No, only once

What to do:

  • Head to Dimond's Cove. To get there, head South of Hurnscald. Head West at the end, at the T intersection, then follow the road all the way past to the bends.
  • At the top of the bends, follow the path North, but take the first path on the left, where you will see a big X made out of rocks.
  • Go over the bridge just south of this, to the West.
  • As soon as you cross the bridge, literally one square past it, head slightly South, just enough to find a path to the West through the trees. You will see Alice there. Click on her if you like.
  • Head North of her to find the cave. There is a skull and crossbones on a sign there. This is the correct cave.
  • Go into the cave without anything equipped. Yes, naked!
  • Once you are in, here are some precise steps:
  1. Click the Pot and pour in some Milk.
  2. Exit the cave, and then go back inside.
  3. Click the Pot and put in some food (Steak or Chicken Leg).
  4. Exit the cave, and then go back inside.
  5. Talk to Katze (the NPC) and move a patch of White Fur around.
  6. Exit the cave, and then go back inside.
  7. Click on the Pot and put a Raw Log next to it.
  8. Exit the cave, and then go back inside.
  9. Katze will now ask to collect her: 2 Snake Skins, 2 Snake Tongues, 2 Maggot Slimes, 2 White Furs, 2 Hard Spikes and 2 Tiny Healing Potions.
  10. Exit the cave after you've given the items, then go back inside and talk to Katze once more for your reward.


  • You will be pushed out of the cat's cave unless you remove (unequip) all equipment and clothing.
  • You can collect monster points to get a Steak or a Chicken Leg from Ishi in Candor.
  • If nothing happens when you put an item next to the pot, come out of the cave and come in again several times until something else happens. If that still doesn't work, log off and on again.
  • Watch out for the Spider in the cave, as she can kill you while you are talking to Katze. You can avoid it by leading the spider to the top of the cave so that she cannot see you anymore, but don't linger.

Milk is dropped by:

Steaks are dropped by:

White Furs are dropped by:

Raw Logs are dropped by:

Snake Skins are dropped by:

Snake Tongues are dropped by:

Maggot Slimes are dropped by:

Hard Spikes are dropped by:


  • 1 Cat Ears (+1 Defense, +3 Agility)
  • 5,000 EXP

Total Cost: