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This article contains information for players or people interested in playing The Mana World rEvolt. If you're interested for the Classic game, please go to the Classic portal.

The Game Masters are responsible for upholding the Game Rules. They can be identified by the red cap reading "GM" and their highlighted character names (red or green in color). They are selected among the players community on proposition of another player, developer, GM or administrator because of their good reputation, calmness, fairness and game knowledge. When a Game Master witnesses someone breaking a game rule, they have the power to ban a player from the game or reset his/her character level. When a Game Master punishes a player he/she will post the reason in the Court House forum. Game Masters participate in the TMW Committee and act as a bridge from the players to the development team.

The list of commands used by Game Masters can be found here.

GM activity is logged. Monthly logs are recorded under the directory:

Active Game Masters

For a list of active game masters see the relevant forum group.

Complaints about Game Masters

If you have a complaint about a Game Master, you can either contact a server administrator if you prefer to have your complaint to be handled confidentially, or you can post on the Court House forum if you prefer to have your complaint to be handled publicly.

Nominating new Game Masters

If you know someone who would make a good Game Master, please visit the Game Master community suggestions forum and create a nomination poll to nominate the player. When the player has the required number of votes, he/she will be considered for a Game Master position. Please read the rules before you decide to nominate a player. Thoroughly!

Rules as set in Forum: Board index » Community » GM Community Suggestions
  1. Part of the decision making will be given to your hands.
  2. If you show that you cannot handle this, then this forum will be deleted.
  3. Each member of the community can make a topic (poll) suggesting another person for a GM. You can't make a poll for yourself.
  4. One topic per person, any duplicates will be removed and votes will be lost.
  5. Each poll has to be done according to the schema (yes has to be first option and no the second):
    "Do you agree for person X to become a GM?"
    • "Yes."
    • "No."
    You are supposed to allow only one option per user and allow revoting.
    You are supposed to pick "run for 0 days".
  6. A person suggested has to collect at least 45 votes (or more) for yes, with minimum 75% for yes and maximum 25% for no (3:1 ratio).
  7. A person suggested may request closing of the topic.
  8. Only posts containing valid pros and cons are allowed in the threads, discussions however are not allowed. For discussions about particular case use Player Talk forums.
  9. If a person collects the required votes, a supplied evidence will be analyzed by the other GMs and developers.
  10. However, final decision is still ours.
  11. If many persons will gain required voices, voice count will matter.
  12. The amount of GMs to pick in certain time line will be determined by TMWC (The Mana World Commitee).
  13. Persons rejected due lack of free positions will be put on hold till any position becomes available (according to vote count).
  14. A person successfully passing this procedure will be given "Junior GM" rights for a certain period, and then will be granted full GM rights.
  15. Usual GM choosing criteria and guidelines still apply, persons not meeting those criteria will be rejected and will have their thread closed.
  16. Sockpuppeting will be detected and all accounts, including the master's one will be banned forever without warning. There is one vote per person, and a person means a human being not a forum account.
  17. If this forum will turn into a flame war cave, people posting here will act unreasonably and will break the rules on massive scale, forum will be closed down. So use it wisely.
  18. If you don't know a person suggested, it is better to find out who is s/he and what they do before voting, do not vote "no" just because you don't know someone.
  19. State EXACT player name that clearly identify a person (in game or on forums - precise which one it is).
  20. After a candidate receives required amount of votes, the poll is closed, a candidate reviewed by TMWC and asked (or not - in case of valid objections) to become a GM.
  21. You need to have at least 20 posts to participate in the polls.

Game Master Events

Event Coordinators, Game Masters and game administrators have the ability to organize or help players to organize events. Event organization relies on their good will though, keep in mind that GMs are, just as players, persons with a real life and its constraints. Have a look on the GM Events subpage for more information on these events.

Note about Developers

Some experienced developers, who have the the ability to update main repository have access to some GM commands on the main server in order to be able to perform some maintenance or testing on main server. They are not Game Masters.

Abuse can be reported the same way as for Game Masters (see Complaints about Game Masters).

Game Mastering Guidelines

For guidelines see