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The Entertainer in 009-2 Hurnscald

What To Do

  1. You find the Entertainer in the Hurnscald Inn. At the left of the central road.
  2. Talk to her and ask her how she does the emotes above her head. Then ask her to teach you that.
  3. Check in your setup/keyboard window if it doesn't work.


Emotes are really useful in game, try to use them frequently. For example the Emote alt1.png emote (default shortcut alt+1) is commonly used to show that you are low on HP and ask for healing. With the Manaplus shortcuts this goes faster than typing in the chat and also safer since monsters might attack you while typing in the chat.


Before the changes in 2014 the Entertainer used to be located in Tulimshar where also the starting area. Back then you didn't automatically start the game with the important Trade Skill and had to talk to her in order to get it - something many new players didn't find out since Tulimshar was very large and NPC-crowded so the Entertainer could easily be overlooked.