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Version (30 December 2005)
- Fixed a drawing glitch with high tiles at the bottom of the screen
- Fixed glitches caused by fading out the damage display

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.18

0.0.18 (20 December 2005)
- Added new items, npcs, tilesets, maps and monsters
- Non blocking connection at startup
- Enabled monster emotions
- Client version is now displayed during login
- Fixed setup window behaviour
- Fixed a Windows crash issue
- Fixed ScrollArea and BrowserBox behaviour
- Code cleanups
TMW screenshot 0.0.18-cvs xmas.png
The new Xmas Map
TMW screenshot 0.0.18-cvs woodland.png
TMW screenshot 0.0.18-cvs casino.png
The casino
TMW screenshot 0.0.18-cvs inn.png
The inn

Version 0.0.17

0.0.17 (10 October 2005)
- Added remembering of window position and sizes
- Added taking screenshot with Alt+P
- Added notice about the player being overweight
- Added time to chat messages
- Added messagebox on error for MacOS X
- Added new network layer based on SDL_net
- Added proper error message for when the map server goes offline
- Added more international characters to fixed and rpg fonts
- Improved damage text font, shadow is now translucent
- Improved GUI layout, new profile window
- Improved support for building on FreeBSD and MacOS X
- Improved tile engine to fix graphics glitches and make mapping easier
- Rearanged keyboard shortcuts
- Fixed items on map to be removed on map switch
- Fixed OpenGL checkbox in the setup window to be usable
- Cleaned up a lot of code

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.16

0.0.16 (4 September 2005)
- Added inn and casino
- Improved status window
- Improved OpenGL support
- Removed lot of bugs
- Code cleanups

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.15

 0.0.15 (31 July 2005)
- Added dynamic updating of client data
- Added much better font for chat and names
- Added option not to use the custom mouse cursor
- Added joystick support
- Improved mouse attack by not walking while pressing shift
- Now one executable that has both SDL and OpenGL support
- Fixed items being shown as equipped in inventory although they are not
- Fixed position of right click menu
- Fixed empty right click menu appearing sometimes
TMW screenshot 0.0.15-cvs.png
A crowd in front of the gates to Tulimshar palace
TMW screenshot 0.0.15 - snake invasion 1.png
A snake invasion was announced
TMW screenshot 0.0.15 - snake invasion 2.png
First snakes started coming
TMW screenshot 0.0.15 - snake invasion.png
Snake invasion went out of control

Version (7 July 2005)
- Fixed two map files not included in the source release

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.14

0.0.14 (3 July 2005)
- Added action menu (moved trading to action menu)
- Added support for map properties
- Added background image to minimap
- Added background music to maps
- Attempt to improve mouse control by left click auto-targetting
- Fixed window resizing and also made chat window resizable
- Fixed inventory item display not to be cut off
- Fixed ghosts bug
- Fixed fullscreen switch bug (OpenGL, win32)
- Fixed unequip of weapon
- Fixed equipping of picked up items
- Fixed players to be able to see eachother attacking
- Fixed maps to be loaded through resource manager

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.13

0.0.13 (5 June 2005)
- Added ability to trade items and money
- Added server field to login dialog
- Added item descriptions to inventory and buy/sell dialogs
- Added confirmation dialog before quitting
- Added button to show/hide equipment window
- Added framerate limiter to config options
- Added ability to auto attack
- Added in-game help window
- Added new hair style (mohawk)
- Upgraded to Guichan 0.4.0
- Dialogs are now modal when appropriate
- Maximum item icon size changed to 32x32
- Fixed a crash in OpenGL mode
- Fixed rendering of minimap, progress bars and player sprite in OpenGL mode
- Fixed 100% CPU usage when minimized
- Fixed players not always appearing to sit when they are in fact sitting

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.12

0.0.12 (1 May 2005)
- Added new map (a cave), tiles, monsters and items
- Added volume sliders in setup window
- Added attack and level up samples
- Added icon to application window
- Added player names below players
- Added register button in login screen
- Added warning message to use at least 4 characters as user name
- Added scrollbar and command history to chat window
- Added proper support for installation of the game on *nix systems
- Improved skin on scrollbars, arrows and slider
- Improved sound engine and added fade in and out option for music
- Now you can use right mouse button to attack (enables also ranged attacks)
- Sound samples are now loaded through resource manager
- Item information is now stored in an XML file
- Monstersets are now loaded dynamically
- Fixed crash when map server is down
- Fixed NPC lists not to show garbage
- Fixed attack animation to be synced with attack speed
- Fixed speech and emoticons position
- Fixed speech, damage and emoticon display to be framerate independent
- Fixed rendering of certain monsters, items and NPCs in OpenGL mode
- Fixed skipping with mouse walk and made interruptable with keyboard
- Fixed mouse walk when dead or talking with NPC
- Fixed log files to be created in ~/.tmw on Linux systems
TMW screenshot 0.0.12-family-shot.png
A family shot taken in front of Tulimshar palace gate
TMW screenshot 0.0.12-cave.png
The cave was new with 0.0.12

Version (8 April 2005)
- Damage text now floats upwards
- Mouse walk now only works with left mouse button
- Fixed frequent crash on startup and exit that crept into

No screenshots available.

Version (7 April 2005)
- Buttons are now disabled when appropriate
- Fixed players standing on top of NPCs
- Fixed getting stuck when trying to sell with nothing to sell
- Fixed setup dialog windowed/fullscreen switching behaviour
- Fixed gui opacity slider (win32)
- Fixed building up false inventory when warping
- Fixed crash on startup with sound enabled (win32)

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.11

0.0.11 (3 April 2005)
- Added new maps, tiles and monsters
- Added walking with mouse by clicking where you want to go
- Added diagonal walking with keyboard
- Added a choice dialog of how many items to drop
- Added handling of window close button
- Added config option for GUI opacity (guialpha)
- Added warp between two maps
- Changed chat entry behaviour to focus on enter and defocus on send message
- Upgraded to Guichan 0.3.0
- Chat now appears in a window
- Beings now walk a lot smoother
- Completed support for new map format (collision, compression)
- Fixed problem where players would often turn up with black hair
- Fixed not showing other players dead when they die
- Fixed multiple crashes in being path handling
- Fixed initial starting position for new player characters

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.10

0.0.10 (5 March 2005)
- Added using and dropping of items
- Added experimental support for OpenGL rendering
- Added support for new map format in client
- Added ability to load resources from zip files
- Added start of a minimap
- Added new GUI skin, wallpaper and mouse cursor
- Fixed and reintroduced cancel button for NPC choice dialog
- Fixed character creation and deletion error handling
- Fixed crash in fullscreen with hardware acceleration enabled (win32)
- Fixed talking to NPCs and walking while NPC window is still open
- Reimplemented A* pathfinding, more flexible and stable now
- Removed background music that wasn't ours
Pathfinding was reimplemented in 0.0.10
TMW screenshot 0.0.10.png
Purple all on his own on 0.0.10 release

Version 0.0.9

0.0.9 (30 January 2005)
- Replaced Allegro library with SDL, SDL_image and SDL_mixer
- A huge amount of small GUI improvements
- Lots of internal changes including a resource manager

No screenshots available.


Version 0.0.8a

0.0.8a (27 December 2004)
- Added controlling player with arrow keys
- Rewrote gui with Guichan
- Added scripts for easy autotools
TMW ancient login.png
The login screen just after porting it to Guichan

Version 0.0.8

0.0.8 (30 October 2004)
- Added sound support for macosx
- Added primitive inventory
- Added action failed messages for all skills and known reasons (R 0x0110)
- Added sit capability with the right level
- Added "dead" message and restart packet
- Added skill dialog
- Added skill update (R 0x0141)
- Added colored text for damage
- Added monster death animation
- Added icon to win32 executable
- Added 'enter' key support in login screen
- Added RLE sprites for tiles
- Added collision detection with beings
- Fix for mapserver segfault-bug in chatsystem (broken pipe for all users on
- Partially added TMW GUI to inventory
- Added soundpool that can preload, play and remove items to/from ram
- Added tmw_bar_proc
- Added tmw_plus_proc && possibility to increase stats point, at each new level
- Added increase skill level dialog
- Added 2xSaI engine
- Added patch client v0.1 to Win32 version

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.7e

0.0.7e (31 August 2004)
- Tons of bugfixes & improvements (again)
- MacOS X support
- Confirmed support for GNU/Linux on ppc
- Added soundsystem (plays a MOD as BGM)
- Added a 2nd Map
- Added NPCs with simple dialogs
- Added warps
- Changed makefile for GCC to optimize more

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.7d

0.0.7d (18 August 2004)
- Tons of bugfixes
- Added a bit of prediction to player walking
- Added Ultramichy's server to client
- Added a walking monster
- Added a* system (still not applied to player, but only to monster walking)
- Started rewriting of chat system

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.7c

0.0.7c (22 July 2004)
- Started rewriting of graphic engine
- Fixed walking problems
- Server: features a custom map

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.7b

0.0.7b (10 July 2004)
- Completely rewrited network functions
  - Removed listening thread
  - Replaced blocking calls to socket
  - Removed #pragma pack directives
- Replaced MASkinG with own made GUI system
- Finite state machine dialog system
- Greatly reduced memory usage
- Added a lot of comments to the code
- Decreased the number of files in source code
- The code is now a little more organized and easy to understand

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.7a

0.0.7a (30 June 2004)
- Win32 binaries come with an installer
- Renew login GUI:
  - Change from dialogs to windows
  - Add option to remember last login infos
  - Add player creation dialog

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.7

0.0.7 (26 June 2004)
- Some kind of multiplayer
- Cross-compiler source code
- Added setup utility
- Minor changes
- Bugfixes

No screenshots available.

Version 0.0.6a

0.0.6a (13 June 2004)

No screenshots available.

Unknown version

TMW ancient matt bug2.jpg
Matt shows us a bug in the map

No information available about earlier versions, if they ever were released.