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Trick Or Treat
Start date October 1st
End date November 2nd
Reoccuring Yes
PrerequisitesLevel 40
The character must be at least four weeks old to participate.
RewardsAutumn Mask or Bucket

Trick Or Treat

What To Do:

  1. Undead Tree dressed as a Jack O in Hurnscald signals the Halloween event has begun (you will find other Jack O's in each land to support Undead Tree). Remember you have to be at least Level 40, and your character needs to be at least four (4) weeks old to do the quest, as you will not see any other information from the NPCs.
  2. Equip head gear
    1. Certain pieces of head gear grant larger scare bonuses
  3. Talk to the each of the trick or treat NPCs
    1. Caretaker
    2. Eurni the Surgeon
    3. George the Pirate
    4. Inac
    5. Kfahr the Warrior
    6. Nurse
    7. Pachua the Hermit Indian
    8. Yanis
    9. Vincent
    10. Weellos
    11. Zack
    12. Kimarr
    13. Nikolai
    14. Vellamo
  4. Select a scare from the menu
  5. The main reward is randomly given, usually after the scare factor has reached 7-10.
  6. Repeat this pattern each time you are on (probably after 24 hours) for more rewards, and try all of your different hats and masks each time.
  7. After 10 or more NPCs recognize you from trick or treating by knowing you even with your mask on, go see Parua's Brother, Munro, for the Jack's Skeleton Charm. *NOTE: It appears that the Skeleton Charm part of the quest will only be available from October 30th onwards.


  1. If your face is hidden the NPC might not recognize you, but recognize the mask.
  2. NPC memories are short, but they can remember 8 previous masks.
  3. All hats work for this quest, but some masks give bonus scare factors.
  4. These are masks that give a bonus scare factor when you have it equipped to scare a NPC:

Mask (scare factors):


Also a random number of the following: