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Quest Overview
Starting Location 006-1 Desert Mountains
Level 55 recommended
Prerequisites None
Redoable Yes, forever


Pachua is skilled in the art of leather work. He can craft several useful items for you. See the table below.


Land: Argaes

Locality: Desert Mountains

Map Name: Desert Mountains

Map Number: 006-1

Coordinates: 24 113

Leather Works Resources Cost
Jeans Chaps
+6 Defense
1 Jeans Shorts
10 Snake Skins
10,000 GP
Cowboy Hat
+6 Defense
1 Fancy Hat
2 Snake Skins
5,000 GP
Leather Patch* 1 Snake Skin 300 GP

* You'll need to talk to Nicholas before Pachua will offer to make the Leather Patch. Ask Nicholas about the Steel Shield if you have at least 6 Iron Ingots and 12 Coals in your inventory.

Snake Skins are dropped by:

Jeans Shorts are dropped by:

Fancy Hats are dropped by:

How to get there

Pachua lives in the Indian village which is on a plateau at the top of the snake-filled Desert Mountains. There are numerous ways to reach Pachua:

Verbal Directions

  1. Travel South from the Tulimshar Ferry, all the way to the Sandstorm Desert, just past Lieutenant Dausen.
  2. Head SouthEast, until you reach Stewen, who guards the entrance, and then enter the portal there.
  3. Head South, and then take the next South exit, and head East. You will come to the first exit which is facing North. Enter there.
  4. Travel North and Eastwards, around the rocks to the next Northerly exit. Enter it.
  5. From this map go straight through to the exit Northerly from there. Here you can refresh your health or other points if you need to. You will notice that there is only one other exit. Take that one.
  6. From this point, head West. Take the Southern path around, and head back up with it, and you will see an island of rock, with an exit point in it. Take this point.
  7. Follow this path down to the South, avoiding the many Mountain Snakes, and head West to the next entry point. Enter there.
  8. Follow this cave to the end, in a Northerly fashion. There is once again only one exit, and many Snakes. Take the exit.
  9. Enjoy some peace! You made it past the snakes. You are now in the vicinity of Pachua and his Tribe. Feel free to look around safely. There are two caves that lead to Pachua's Tribe, and the far West cave winds around to Pachua.
  10. Be sure to talk to Rhutan the Traveler while you are there, so you can portal back whenever you need to.
  11. Head into the Western cave, and follow it all the way around and out the exit.
  12. You will find Pachua sitting there.

Maps to Pachua

Follow the purple line in the pictures below
Desert Mountains
Desert Mountains Cave
Outback Cave
Pachua's Village


There is a strategy you can use when travelling, so you can remember where you were.
When you press [5] (5 on the numpad), it will leave an arrow underneath where you are standing. It will point in the direction you are facing.
Therefore, if you are concerned that you may die on the way, you can point your character in the right direction and add an arrow to show you the way.
To get back, you can just follow the arrows backward. To remove these arrows, stand on top of them and just press the [5] again.